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Counter-Strike 2 is the biggest technical leap in the series’ history, providing the game with new capabilities and content for years to come.
All the new features of the game will be unveiled during the official release this summer, but the path to Counter-Strike 2 begins today with a limited test. Testing, available to selected CS:GO players, will allow them to evaluate the capabilities of Counter-Strike 2 and address any shortcomings before the global release.

Counter-Strike 2 is a free upgrade to CS:GO that will be released this summer. So get ready, hone your skills, and prepare for what’s to come!
Read on to learn about some of the features of the Counter-Strike 2 limited test.
According to rumors, CS:GO on Source 2 may be released in 2023. “Here’s something interesting to end the year on a high note. I have a source confirming that CS:GO on Source 2 will be released in the first quarter of 2023!”

I can also confirm that the CS:GO beta version (AppID 710) was hidden due to extensive testing, some of which we observed earlier this summer.
Of course, these are just speculations, and you can never be sure with Valve,” shared developer Aquarius, who created the website for data miner Gabe Follower.

During the summer, CS:GO developers were spotted on servers with maps created for Source 2. Additionally, in June’s Dota 2 update, new lines related to the port of CS:GO to Source 2 appeared. Previously, it became known that Valve may have found a solution for automatically transferring content from Source to Source 2 for CS:GO.


Smoke grenades now use dynamic volumetric particles that interact with the environment and react to light, gunfire, and explosions.


The new smoke effect interacts with other elements of the game, opening up new tactics. Bullets and grenades disperse the smoke, expanding the curtain or temporarily dissipating it.

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Natural Space Filling

Smoke will now spread through open doors and broken windows, descend and ascend stairs, flow through corridors, and mix with smoke from other grenades.

Lighting Reaction

Smoke particles in Counter-Strike 2 work with a unified lighting system, resulting in a more realistic impact on light and color.


Movement, shooting, and throws no longer depend on the server’s update rate.
Subtick structure is the foundation of Counter-Strike 2. Previously, servers calculated changes on the map only at certain intervals – “ticks.” The new architecture allows the Counter-Strike 2 server to instantly know if you took a step, made a shot, or threw a grenade.
As a result, both movement and shooting have become more responsive, and grenades always fly along the same trajectory.

Source 2 Tools

Source 2 tools and rendering features will be available to map creators from the community, making it easier to create, experiment, and test. Soon, the Workshop for items will also be available as part of the test, so stay tuned for updates.


All your items from CS:GO will not only stay with you in Counter-Strike 2 but also become more beautiful thanks to how Source 2 works with lighting and materials. The game not only supports previous color schemes but also utilizes new high-quality models for some of them.


Updated visual effects everywhere, from the interface to gameplay. In Counter-Strike 2, all visual effects have been improved. Using new lighting and particle systems in Source 2, we have created a new look and behavior for water, explosions, fire, gunshot flashes, hits, bullet air trails, and more.

  • Game Elements. In Counter-Strike 2, key visual elements strive to provide players with as much information as possible. Bullet impact locations can be seen from a distance, and bloodstains match the direction of the shot and dry over time, as if telling you what happened.
  • Environmental Effects. Witness fully updated explosions, fire, bomb glow, and more. Using all the capabilities of Source 2 and modern computers, we have made environmental effects in Counter-Strike 2 more beautiful and logical.
  • Interface Improvements. Among other things, the completely redesigned interface adds visual effects of player status to Counter-Strike 2. Improvements are not just for aesthetics – they convey important gameplay information.


Improved, balanced, aligned. Sounds for Counter-Strike 2 have been reworked: now they better convey the environment, are more distinguishable, and provide more information. We have also worked on their balance to make the game sound as pleasant as possible.
AND THAT’S NOT ALL. The limited test only allows you to evaluate a part of Counter-Strike 2’s capabilities so that we can address major issues by summer. But there is much more to come. In the coming months, we will present Counter-Strike 2 in detail. Can’t wait!

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