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Hobo: Tough Life - photo โ„–117940
Hobo: Tough Life - photo โ„–117939

Hobo: Tough Life

Game Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 13 Apr 2021
Developer: Perun Creative
Features: Single-player
Age: 16+


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The game developer is Perun Creative. The game was released in 2017 and is considered the undisputed leader in our rankings. In April of this year, the game became available on the Steam store and continues to capture the hearts of experienced gamers. The success of this game is attributed to its high quality and its vibrant open world, which offers a unique take on the survival genre.

In terms of the storyline, the game begins with the gamer finding themselves in the city of Praslov, located in one of the countries of Central Europe. The city has recently experienced several political upheavals and the end of a world war, leading to the arrival of democracy and a sense of lawlessness. Not everyone has been able to adapt to these changes. The main character of the game is a person who unexpectedly finds themselves on the streets with no means of survival.

The plot can end here, and the user is then presented with a huge map of the city, which is fully accessible to the character. The character needs to regularly eat, drink, and find warmth and shelter. Failure to do so can result in the character falling ill, and even death. The first priority is finding food, which often involves rummaging through garbage bins, and finding shelter for the night, possibly under a bridge. As time passes, the character’s life may undergo changes. To avoid hunger, the character may resort to theft and even robbery. Additionally, they may encounter criminals and have to interact with them. The character may also have encounters with the police, if unlucky.

As winter arrives, living conditions become even worse. To increase the main character’s chances of survival, they need to join forces with other homeless individuals and collectively organize a place to rest and seek shelter from the weather. This could involve finding an abandoned building or using the sewer system.

The main dangers in the game come from drug addicts or satanists. If the character encounters them, things may not end well for them. And this is just the beginning. Hobo: Tough Life offers gamers a dozen quest chains and various side tasks. Along the way, players can even achieve the status of the King of the Homeless. If you find playing alone boring, you can easily add your friends to the group and together, tackle this interesting and engaging game.

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