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Homeless Simulators on PC

It is already difficult to surprise modern gamers with something, because they have long studied the behavior of characters, enjoyed exclusive designs and have become more picky and experienced. As soon as there were no proposals – to build a spaceship and create your own stellar empire, slay a dragon or raise your own Cro-Magnon. However, the topics “about the homeless” remain no less popular. It would seem, what can be interesting for a person without a fixed place of residence. However, there are a huge number of games about the homeless and continue to come out.

The best bum simulators on PC

Every year the gaming industry pleases gamers with a variety of games. Only now, fans of computer entertainment have long been fed up with products with a variety of experiences and entourage. In games, users have already done many unusual things. For example, they were building space empires, fighting dragons. In some projects, I had to deal with the cultivation of my own Cro-Magnons. And what about the homeless? Or, in simple words, people without a fixed place of residence. Perhaps for some it will come as a big surprise, but these days there are such games. Their representation is not limited to a couple of toys. This genre of simulations is quite popular, so new games keep appearing on the market.

Hobo: Tough Life

  • Developer: Perun Creative
  • Release year: 2017

Homeless Simulators on PC

The game, which immediately after the release took a leading position. For the first time conquered the hearts of gamers in the middle of spring this year. It won its recognition not by chance, since a living world opens up before the player, an unbiased survival genre.

The plot of the game: the player is in the city of Praslav, located in Central Europe. The settlement has just gone through political upheavals, communism has already been REPLACED by democracy, as well as its faithful companion – freedom and permissiveness. Parallel to the main plot, another war in the world has just ended, and everyone is moving away from what they experienced. Naturally, against the backdrop of significant changes, not everyone was able to change their own lives and simply remained “overboard”. This is the life the player has to go through – the life of a person who ended up on the street without a roof and money.

The player is presented with a large map, on which objects of infrastructure are plotted, and nothing else. But the character must eat, drink something and sleep somewhere. Otherwise – hunger, disease, death. At the first stage, food can be found in garbage cans, and a sleeping place can be organized under the city bridge. Perhaps in the future something will change, but this is not a fact. The player will have to steal, contact with criminals, deal with the police.

By the time cold weather arrives, the situation of the homeless will only worsen. The player will have to survive. He may become part of a group of other homeless people, find a shelter in the sewers, or look for an abandoned building. The main thing is to avoid meeting with drug addicts and satanists, otherwise “everyone”. And this is just the beginning of a difficult Journey on the road to survival. The game is completed with dozens of quests and hundreds of secondary tasks that can even help the player become the King of the Homeless. And when the player gets bored (which is simply impossible with an exciting story), he can connect three friends and play with them together.

Bad Day LA

  • Developer: Enlight
  • Released: 2006

Homeless Simulators on PCBad Day LA is not exactly a classic simulator, however, its main character is a homeless man. At one time, she made a lot of noise, so leaving her “overboard” will not work.

Former Hollywood star Anthony Williams, who is also the main character in the game, is going through a difficult time. He becomes a bum with all the charms of a “free” life. Everything changes in an instant when Los Angeles became the site of a plane crash with nuclear waste. The only way to survive is to run, but this is very difficult to do. The hero needs help and only a gamer can give him a hand.

A classic shooter has a relatively simple plot: the character moves in a straight line while performing various tasks created by the plot. Crossing the city spaces, in which zombies are encountered at every step, Williams will have to get acquainted with colorful characters, four of whom will accompany the main character until the very end, whatever he is. The highlight of the game is the attitude of the homeless to people. If he conflicts with them, then the contempt of the masses cannot be avoided. People can even hurt the homeless.

The game was remembered for many years, because 15 years ago society was not yet ready for the “homeless DS”, and now it is a great opportunity to get nostalgic.

Twin Hobo Rocket

  • Developer: ArmorGames
  • Year of release: 2008

Homeless Simulators on PCThis simple story about two bums, who are also twins on a rocket, belongs to a high-quality arcade game performed in a non-trivial setting.

The storyline in the game is completely absent, but the introductory one is clearly visible – the twins, for some unknown reason, turned into homeless people. However, they cannot come to terms with this and make a cardinal decision – to create a rocket with their own hands and leave the mortal Earth on it. If they do the first step of their plan without problems, then at the second stage they face all sorts of difficulties.

It is at this moment that the gamer enters the game, whose task is to dodge asteroids and aliens by controlling the rocket. At certain stages, the game surprises with unpredictability – the rocket is divided into two and at the same time only one is controlled, and the second passes inertly to the main one.

The game does not last long, but this time can be spent interestingly and fun. With it, you can have a good time enjoying space travel.

Beneath the Cardboards

  • Developer: PrivateTed
  • Year of release: 2014

Homeless Simulators on PCSimulator Beneath the Cardboards has a difficult fate, as it was created by one person and was not completed. Nevertheless, it has been popular for several years now – even professional gamers still play it.

There is no plot, the main character is homeless. The game from the first seconds impresses with a certain rigidity – the player immediately finds himself in the extreme conditions of a snowy city, in which the initial task is to warm up. In order not to freeze, the player will have to collect various rubbish in the city, find wet matches and make a fire. And when your hands are shaking from chills, believe me, this is very difficult to do.

There is no allowance for the entire passage of the survival rpg. The player has to find water and food, and garbage cans turn into a storehouse of opportunities for him. The game has a certain atmosphere, pleasant art, penetrating music, which makes you involuntarily think about being. Surely, the author was trying to create a game with a certain connotation. It is not without reason that the game has a snowman – a good and evil character. The second option is the embodiment of death and appears when the character is especially ill, for example, his body temperature has dropped or he is overcome by hunger and cold. But who is a good snowman – it’s up to the gamer to decide.

Boom Simulator

  • Developer: Ragged Games
  • Announced release year: 2021

Homeless Simulators on PCIn 2018-2019, alpha gave impressions. More recently, access was open to Beta. But at the moment the project is in the final finishing. According to reports – Hobo: Tough Life – the game to the maximum.

The game starts very simply – the hero suddenly turns into a bum. And only with time the gamer will be able to find out his backstory, which turns out to be a quest thread. It is noteworthy that this is only one feature, and there are plenty of them in the game. The player can start searching for close people, because of which he ended up on the street, or he can try to be reborn on his own. However, in any case, garbage cans cannot be bypassed.

Next, the gamer will get acquainted with the “relatives”, the arrangement of the lair. It will not do without hacks, thefts and alcohol crafts – mixing what is impossible, the player gets an unpredictable result. The game is full of colorful characters, quests and items. The absence of repetition ensures the presence of exciting emotions.

The project looks promising, because it is action, survival, modern graphics rolled into one. In addition, in the game you can train pigeons and get to know the Rat-People that live in the sewers.

A few years ago, this list could be supplemented by the game “Homeless Online”, but now it is closed. And the above games are the most worthy representatives of the setting. There may be others, but so far little is known about it.