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Top 10 most intolerant games

Modern realities require a high degree of tolerance in games, books, and movies. Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine any setting without black characters, transgender individuals, or strong women. Sometimes their presence seems illogical, which inevitably sparks a wave of outrage. However, there are projects whose developers are not particularly concerned about modern trends. They simply create their games that offend many groups of people but still remain popular.

Postal 2

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 20

A project about a character who respects no one at all. If players are against violence, there is a lot of violence in this game. Want to defend animals? How about shooting from a cat? The game constantly presents situations that completely disrupt classical notions of fighting for someone or something.

There’s even a gay club that you can destroy. At the time, this caused a lot of outrage, and complaints were filed against the development company. But they responded that the game’s main character is the very person who hates everyone.


Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 21

This game series is known for its unique approach. If you’re looking for tolerance, it’s best not to play GTA. It includes mockery of black issues, and Russians are portrayed as potato enthusiasts. Farmers are generally labeled as ignorant villagers. You can offend anyone here.

In the fifth part, women were targeted. Aunt Franklin is a parody of a feminist who constantly talks about her rights but immediately runs away when someone threatens her. Transgender individuals are also targeted, as almost all of them in the game are portrayed as prostitutes. Despite angry reviews, the game remains popular even in 2021.

Duke Nukem 3D

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 22

This project was released in 1996. At the time, it was a real hit that attracted a large audience. The main character fought against aliens and more. However, feminists were outraged by many things in it, and they never stopped talking about it. Everything about the main character, in their opinion, was disgusting.


Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 23

The game’s main character is a psychopath who wants to bring about the end of the world. That’s why he picked up a weapon and went on a rampage using any available methods. People of all nationalities, religions, and orientations crossed his shotgun’s path. They could all be shot at point-blank range. Such an extreme level of cruelty left an indelible impression on players, which led to outrage from their side. Many complained that there is simply no justification for such character behavior, making the game extremely difficult and often repulsive to play.

Resident Evil 5

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 24

In the storyline of Resident Evil 5, players will embark on a Journey to Africa where they will have to defeat hordes of mutated dark-skinned individuals. The main characters in the 5th installment are the well-known Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The theme of killing dark-skinned characters controlled by a white person turned out to be very risky. However, the game still achieved massive success with nearly 8 million copies sold.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 25

The developers decided not to cater to anyone and create the Middle Ages as they should be – predominantly white. There was no place for any Africans in Europe, which led to some gamers’ outrage. Some well-known bloggers even dedicated their articles and videos to prove to the developers that there were dark-skinned people in medieval Europe.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 26

If anyone remembers the recent Witcher series, they would know about the prevalence of tolerance there. Space was found for black elves, sorceresses, Asians, and others. None of this is present in CD Projekt RED’s game, just as in the books by Sapkowski. Fans of tolerant depictions are certainly not pleased with the Dominance of white characters, which angered some well-known journalists.

Gears of War

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 27

It’s hard to find a female warrior in the Gears of War series. There are many men, wars, and battles. It was these men who had to carry heavy weapons, fight monsters, and engage in other grim war activities. However, feminists were unhappy with this setup, and the game received angry reviews for the absence of strong women.

Only the first three parts were like this, as in the subsequent ones, the developers listened to the angry tirades. As a result, the 5th game introduced a female protagonist, bringing some expected tolerance to the series.

Persona 5

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 28

Among characters like a talking cat, a thug, a sadistic gym teacher, and many others, there were also two gay characters. However, they turned out to be so stereotypical that it couldn’t get worse. Representatives of the LGBTQ+ community immediately started demanding more nuanced development for these characters. But, as it is known, the developers did not yield to such fans’ demands and made no changes.

Zulu Wars

Top 10 most intolerant games → photo 29

This is a game that has no place in modern realities. In the game’s plot, players are required to manage British colonies by capturing African territories. Moreover, they will have to hunt and shoot local inhabitants. All of this reflects a real historical situation when, in 1879, the Zulu tribe refused to submit to the British. This resulted in a war that ended tragically for the indigenous people. In the game itself, Africans are depicted as hostile and savage, leaving players with nothing else to do but shoot them.

It’s clear that many of the mentioned games wouldn’t be released today. However, some of them still enjoy the love of their fan base and popularity despite these issues.

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