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Most popular games on Android and iOS in Russia

While Mediascope studies the percentage of mobile gamers in Russia, which has exceeded the 70% mark, let’s focus on something more useful. For instance, let’s introduce a list of the top 10 most popular games on Android and iOS in Russia!

Clash of Clans

Popular Android games can’t go without this title. Supercell’s masterpiece still ranks in the top 10 and shows no signs of slowing down. With regular updates, the audience continues to grow!

Standoff 2

An excellent shooter that closely mimics Counter-Strike in almost every detail. Developers are gradually cleaning up the servers from cheaters, ensuring Standoff 2’s position at the top. However, it’s the younger generation that primarily drives its popularity, while older gamers might lean towards different titles.

PUBG Mobile

This game has shattered numerous records and pioneered an entire genre. If you’re seeking popular iOS games in the battle royale genre, this is your pick. Moreover, the game has become cross-platform, available on both mobile devices and PCs.

World of Tanks Blitz

The middle-aged group of gamers prefers these classic “tank battles.” While the game is also playable on PC, who would refuse a quick battle on a large map while commuting? Especially considering the excellent graphics in World of Tanks Blitz!


iOS games can be as popular as Roblox has proven. While it’s available on Android and PC as well, it serves as a universal platform for all gamers. Anyone can create their entertainment here and have fun with friends! Surprisingly, Roblox tops not only among the youth but also among older age groups!

Durak Online

Domestic gamers can’t do without the card game “Durak.” This fact is evident in the ranking of most downloaded mobile games in 2022. Durak Online thrives, despite ambitious competitors. This is understandable, given the stable online mode and cozy atmosphere.


A popular casual game that appeals to all age groups. While slightly favored by older audiences, even younger gamers sometimes need to “kill time.” That’s where the renowned Gardenscapes comes to the rescue!

Words of Wonders

Few expected to see this game in the top mobile games of 2022. Yet, here it is, claiming bronze with its collection of interactive crosswords! No further comments needed.


A legendary casual game that skillfully exploits the “match-three” mechanics. Renovate the home, progress through the storyline, and simply “kill time.” An excellent choice for the older age category.

Brawl Stars

The ultimate hit that conquered the world with its vibrant characters. Even despite restrictions in Russia, the game continues to hold the top spot in the rankings! Truly praiseworthy and admirable without further words!

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