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Best strategies on Android

Currently, mobile games have become popular and are creating competition for PC projects. In this regard, we have decided to highlight the TOP strategies on Android, including the most popular, exciting, fantastic, and interesting strategy games.

The success of mobile games lies in the fact that you can engage in short battles, collect resources, and more in your free time. It’s also worth noting that gamers are not battling against bots but against real people.

The uniqueness of mobile games lies in their simplicity and accessibility. Today, mobile games represent full-fledged video games with their own culture and rules. Choose a mobile game based on your preferences and enjoy your time.

Clash of Clans

The first mobile game that we’d like to highlight is CLASH OF CLANS.

This popular game offers simple gameplay. In CLASH OF CLANS, players immerse themselves in a medieval world where battles take place against both bots and other gamers. Battles last for about three minutes and are semi-automatic. The essence of the game is to build, develop, and defend your own village. The most exciting part of the game is when Clan Wars begin, where clans battle each other for resources.

The game’s design and presentation, along with its engaging clan battles, memorable wizards, and cool warriors, attract a large player base. In CLASH OF CLANS, players can expect thrilling clan battles, unforgettable wizards, and powerful warriors.

Grow Empire: Rome

The second game worth paying attention to is GROW EMPIRE: ROME.

This memorable game challenges players to transform the capital of Rome from a small village into a vast and powerful empire. To achieve this, players must build, conquer, and complete numerous interesting tasks. The game offers two modes: defender and attacker.

The game’s outcome depends on the mode chosen by the player. With each level, it becomes more challenging to fortify and defend city walls.

The gameplay is divided into three parts:

  • Capture new cities.
  • Build cities that were captured in battle.
  • Defend against the enemy.

Play and imagine yourself as an unbeatable hero and defender!

Plants vs. Zombies 2

In the third place, we have the exciting game – PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES 2.

This cool game features two camps: funny plants and zombies. It offers a huge number of interesting tasks and animated battles. The only drawback of the game is that it’s challenging to play without real money. However, the game is so captivating that this drawback takes a back seat. The entertaining, funny battles between zombies and plants will leave a lasting memory. Plants shoot peas, throw cabbage heads, and more. The funny, captivating storyline won’t leave anyone indifferent.


The next game in the TOP list is ROME: TOTAL WAR.

A game for fans of thrilling battles. Defend the Roman Empire from the attacks of barbarian tribes. Stunning 3D battles await players with numerous squads. Excellent graphics and cool mechanics deserve users’ attention. The game features real-time turn-based strategy. Enjoy commanding squads on the battlefield!


The game DAWN OF TITANS โ€” EPIC WAR STRATEGY GAME boasts impressive graphics. It’s an interesting game where the player participates in epic battles and controls all actions. You can control titans and troops in real-time while taking part in exciting battles. It’s a free game that offers the option to purchase additional items for your army and titans. Team up with other players and form strong alliances. Gain power, strengthen your army, and become unbeatable!


The game PLAGUE INC features a unique storyline. The essence of the gameplay is to develop a selected virus, introduce it into any country, and wait for virus outbreaks. Some of the game’s pros include:

  • A large number of scenarios;
  • Fantastically designed viruses;
  • Short gaming sessions;
  • Stunning graphics and mechanics.


The next game that is impossible to forget is ANTIYOY.

At first glance, it may seem like a simple game, but it has a complex strategy that keeps players engaged for a long time. The essence is to expand your empires by capturing territories and constantly battling other empires. There are a hundred levels in total. In the game ANTIYOY, players dive into an interesting, fantastical story. Hints appear during gameplay, and the rules are simple. It’s a great game with fantastic gameplay and excellent tactics.


The game WARLORDS OF ATERNUM takes a worthy place among the TOP games.

It’s a specific genre that may not appeal to everyone. However, users who want to strategize their own gameplay, gather armies, and constantly engage in battles to earn rewards will appreciate it. The bright 3D battle map has a bit few decorations, unfortunately. Become a commander for your created army and devise the most powerful victory strategy to raise the banner of triumph. Are you ready to start the battle and win?


THE BATTLE OF POLYTOPIA is a game with primitive graphics but excellent animation style, and it’s not an easy game in terms of difficulty. In the game, there are thirty-minute exciting battles, and players will lead a tribe, develop it, manage the economy, capture new territories, and gather resources. The actions take place in the mysterious world of the Square. It has three player modes to choose from:

  • Co-op play;
  • Multiplayer;
  • Single-player.

THE BATTLE OF POLYTOPIA has received awards. What makes the game unique is that it has randomly generated maps that differ from each other.


FORGE OF EMPIRES is a game that takes the player back to prehistoric times. The player starts in the Stone Age and gradually evolves their kingdom, turning spears into swords and then into firearms. Players need to progress through several eras, creating a massive metropolis with a developed civilization. Attention should be paid to army development, technological advancement, resource production, trade, or commodity exchange, capturing new territories, and expanding. Battles in this game take place in real-time.


BID WARS: PAWN EMPIRE is an interesting but challenging game with a unique strategy. It allows players to become antique hunters. The essence of the game is that the hunter doesn’t understand anything about antiques but participates in auctions. The most interesting part of the game is the auctions. Winning auctions can be challenging, requiring courage, quick thinking, and good intuition. BID WARS: PAWN EMPIRE is a free game that captivates players with its possibilities and mechanics. Feel like a famous auctioneer!


DOMINATIONS is considered one of the best mobile versions of the gaming process. Becoming the leader of one of eight nations, players must embark on a long Journey from the Stone Age to the latest space technologies. The path will be long and challenging but interesting. Users need to develop new technologies, resources, their settlement, equip the army, and engage in battles with AI opponents. Create a powerful empire and a winning strategy against enemies.


NOVA EMPIRE: STAR EMPIRE is a vibrant game rich in special effects. It’s a decent game with good graphics that takes players into prehistoric times. The player’s journey begins in the Stone Age and slowly progresses, transforming spears into swords and later into firearms. Players must travel a long path through several eras, building a massive metropolis with a thriving civilization. Attention should be paid to army development, technological advancement, resource production, trade, or commodity exchange, capturing new territories, and expanding. Battles in this game are in real-time.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

The game RISE OF KINGDOMS: LOST CRUSADE allows you to manage an empire. There are a total of eleven civilizations in the game. Players choose one of the eleven civilizations and lead it to glory. Some of the game’s features include:

  • Real-time battles;
  • High-quality graphics;
  • The ability to split the army among commanders;
  • Full control of the troops.


The game XCOM: ENEMY WITHIN starts with an interesting cinematic where it is explained how unidentified objects (aliens) have descended upon Berlin. Here, you’ll have to assemble your own squad and battle against the evil aliens. Special attention in the game should be given to the tactics of combat. This means carefully planning how to position your soldiers in battles.

The game can be divided into two phases:

  • Battles against aliens. It’s important to carefully strategize and choose the right soldiers for combat.
  • Base construction and equipment upgrades for your soldiers.

It’s a masterpiece of a game with excellent graphics that immerses players in a mysterious world with aliens.


A PLANET OF MINE is an extraordinary and captivating game that allows you to manage a planet. The game has a fantastic style. Before you start playing, you need to choose a planet. It’s a game that requires constant tactical thinking, patience, and victory will be yours. Players can create a unique world, but they need to develop their own planet, gather resources, advance technologies, and battle various creatures.


The strategic game DUNGEON KEEPER has a fantastic storyline, good graphics, and quality sound. Players become the Keeper of the Dungeon, finding themselves in a world of darkness and evil, where gold is highly valued. The most important thing in the game is the heart; if you lose it, the game ends. In DUNGEON KEEPER, you can build dungeons and commit evil deeds with an army of vile trolls, demons, warlocks, and more.


The best game SANDBOX WW2 with excellent strategy. Players lead the army of one of the countries they choose and lead it to victory in World War II.

Features of the SANDBOX WW2 game include:

  • Thirty European countries to choose from;
  • A vibrant map of Europe;
  • Resource allocation. Players have the right to distribute resources as they see fit (for example, expand the army or invest in scientific development);
  • The game is without in-app purchases.


At first glance, the game BAD NORTH: JOTUNN EDITION may seem quite simple. The user defends their islands from evil Vikings. However, you always need to be on guard, as you never know when they will attack. One unique aspect of the game is the ability to control your own troops, a feature not present in AD NORTH: JOTUNN EDITION.

There are four types of troops in the game:

  • Novices;
  • Swordsmen;
  • Archers;
  • Spearmen.

During battles, there should be no mistakes, and you need to strategize the battle correctly; otherwise, the game may end.


The colorful game MUSHROOMS 2 has an unusual storyline. A war has begun in the Mushroom Kingdom. The user will lead a strange army consisting of unusual characters: mushrooms. Hundreds of battles take place here.

It has two modes:

  • Battles against bots.
  • Battles take place on fields where real users battle.


The legendary game TROPICO offers the opportunity to become the El Presidente of a Caribbean island with abundant resources and engage in city building. Being the president is not easy, as you also need to manage the economy and the politics of the Tropico people. The people have high expectations of the president. They expect the president to improve their lives and develop the nation. Make TROPICO a prosperous country and realize all your dreams for the prosperity of the Caribbean island.


The new game TOY DEFENSE 2 immerses you in a world of colorful and captivating battles that take place during World War I. It’s a strategic game where there’s a base that needs to be defended against enemies. The game can be paused, allowing you to carefully plan and strategize during battles. You can only complete a mission if you repel attackers from the tower.

Features of TOY DEFENSE 2 include:

  • Three battle modes;
  • 290 missions;
  • Spectacular graphics;
  • The ability to battle with armies from different countries;
  • Unforgettable tournament battles.


The real-time military game ZCUBE.

Features of the game:

  • 3D graphics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Two game modes;
  • No advertisements;
  • 24 missions and 25 unit combinations.

Different from other games due to its variety of combat strategies and tactics. The action takes place on a “cube.” Build bases, gather resources, research new technologies, and create units to defeat the enemy. A game that you won’t get bored of!


The game EMPIRES AND ALLIES features realistic graphics, but many users claim that the game is not quite captivating enough. In the game, players create their base, their own troops, and attack the bases of other users. It will be interesting to fans of new strategies.

The game can be divided into two stages:

  • Base construction.
  • Raids on other bases or defense of your own base.

What attracts players in the game EMPIRES AND ALLIES are the attacks. Here, you can designate a landing spot for your army and watch the battle unfold. Save the world from terrorist forces!