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Network games for friends

Dead by Daylight

A dynamic game where four players must survive on one of the maps. The fifth player takes on the role of a serial killer and tries to prevent the rest of the group from escaping. You can choose well-known characters from movies.

World War Z

A classic shooter for 4 players where a group of survivors must fight through hordes of zombies. Suitable for those who are tired of replaying both parts of Left 4 Dead. The game features colorful maps based on real cities.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6

A grand strategy game where you compete with friends on a global map. Build your economy, conquer new lands, or resolve disputes through diplomacy. The main goal is to make your civilization the most powerful!


An excellent multiplayer shooter/slasher where you can complete missions with teammates. Choose your favorite exoskeleton, go through the storyline, and participate in space battles.

State of Decay 2

Another zombie apocalypse comes to life in this game. The main story can be completed with a friend. An interesting crafting system, base building, and various enemies in an open world will keep you engaged for hours.


A slasher set in medieval settings offering massive battles for up to 64 players. Choose the right class, master combo attacks, and join the fray! The game also offers other modes for multiple participants.

Magicka 2

The colorful world of Magicka 2 is filled with magic and dangerous creatures. Gather a Squad of 4 friends and start clearing the lands of monsters. The game stands out with its light and positive atmosphere.

Don’t Starve Together

In this game, you’ll have to survive with a partner in a dangerous world. The main challenge is the lack of food. The additional complexity is that your characters can go mad from hunger or fear!

Overcooked 2

A two-player game unlike any other on this list. It’s perfect for those who want to take a break from action and have fun in a virtual kitchen, preparing complex dishes against the clock.

Human: Fall Flat

Another meditative game where you simply need to find the exit from the current level. Playing with two is much more interesting due to the funny character animations and physics of objects.


Despite its cartoonish graphics, this game is not easy to beat, especially alone. It can be described as an extremely hardcore game! Interesting and unique levels, challenging bosses, and plenty of cooperative gameplay set the game apart.

A Way Out

In this game, you’ll need to escape from prison with a partner. Cinematic storytelling and well-developed characters provide several hours of engaging gameplay. Another plus is that it can be played on one PC with split-screen!

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

The meaty shooter set in a well-known setting is back! Grab a friend and go destroy hordes of enemies with a variety of weapons. The unusual Siberian setting will provide fresh impressions!

Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!

A game based on the legendary cartoon returns gamers to a light and funny fictional world. Take on the roles of different characters to defeat the Roman invaders with a friend! You can expect a funny storyline and an interesting combat system!

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