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Best Two-Player Games for Android

In almost all computer and mobile games, we play against or with artificial intelligence. In today’s gaming industry, artificial intelligence technology is getting smarter every year. We can choose different difficulty levels and assemble unique teams for it. But, I believe everyone will agree with me that sometimes playing against artificial intelligence can get quite boring, and we crave new emotions and experiences. That’s why game developers started creating games for two or more players a long time ago. This gave rise to online and cooperative games. Sometimes, it’s just better to take a friend with you and either fight alongside them or against them.

Such games come in various forms. Some can be played on a single device, while others support multiple devices.

In this selection, we will show you the best games to play with friends right now. They are divided into two categories: single-device and multiplayer. So, let’s get started!

Stickman Party

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 21

Essentially, it’s a game within a game. “Stickman Party” combines over 30 different games in one package. It has everything: racing, shooting, sports games, various quests, and much more. Notably, this game can be played on a single device by two to four people.

The game features attractive and beautiful graphics. The game is free.

King of Opera

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 22

“King of Opera” is a very curious and unique game. There’s likely nothing quite like it. What do you need to do here? Your character is an opera singer on stage, but there are several other characters on the stage who are your competitors. Your task is to capture the audience’s attention to your character as much as possible.

The game can be played by one to four players and offers several different game modes. “King of Opera” is a very fun game that won’t leave you indifferent. The game is paid.


Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 23

This game will immerse you completely in its mysterious and fairy-tale world, full of adventures and various events. What do you need to do here? You play as a character in a mysterious forest. You must constantly move forward and free other characters. But it’s not as simple as it seems. There are many traps on your way that you’ll have to overcome.

In this game, there are over thirty levels in multiplayer mode, and up to four players can play simultaneously. In essence, it’s a race. The winner is the one who reaches the goal first. You can also hinder your opponents in various ways.

Puppet Fighter

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 24

This game involves fun battles between two opponents. The game features very specific physics that you’ll need time to get used to. Initially, it’s very easy to lose.

The game has many different locations, from a ship’s deck to city streets. There are various types of battles in this game. For example, there are battles with obstacles. You fight while also having to overcome obstacles. They will make you lose faster.

Two Guys & Zombies

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 25

And now let’s immerse ourselves in the world of bloodthirsty zombies. In the process of the game, you and your friend will be fighting against a horde of zombies. You need to defend yourself and constantly shoot them. To increase your protection, build defensive structures. But it’s not as simple as it seems. Zombies come in various types and are dangerous in different ways. So, be vigilant. As you progress through the levels, you’ll earn in-game currency that you can spend on improving your equipment.

The game is definitely cool and will provide a lot of enjoyment.

Battleship 2

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 26

Here’s a classic of the genre – Battleship. I think we don’t need to discuss the gameplay process here. Battle against various players online or in cooperative mode. The game also offers many bonuses that will help you defeat your opponent.

The game is highly popular, and many players have enjoyed it. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the perfect time.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 27

Now, this is a game that isn’t quite mobile-centric. It’s primarily associated with PC but has made its way to mobile devices.

In the game, you’ll control two characters who are brothers, and you can also play with a friend.

This game features an intriguing storyline, and you’ll have to complete various tasks. But the main goal is to reach the finish line together.

Dots Online

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 28

“Dots Online” is a game that will test your logical thinking. The essence of the game is that both players take turns placing dots on virtual paper. The winner is the one who first surrounds the opponent’s dots with their own.

The game is very simple but requires a lot of thinking.

12 MiniBattles

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 29

This game also brings together various mini-games. It features two characters who compete in each game, from regular fights to sports games.

The game has fairly realistic physics but is designed in the style of old arcade games.

Worms Series

The “Worms” series of games is a unique bestseller in its genre. It was incredibly popular among PC users and later made its way to mobile devices. In these games, players compete by controlling little worms that battle each other. The games offer online multiplayer mode.

Glow Hockey Series

This was another incredibly popular game in its time. It presents virtual air hockey. The game is meticulously crafted by developers while remaining extremely simple.

You can play against AI or against a friend without the need for two devices; you can play on one device.

Ludo King

This is quite an interesting game that can be played by two to six people simultaneously. It’s an excellent virtual board game where you move pieces by rolling dice. The game is very engaging and can easily draw you into its amazing world.

2 Player Reactor

In this game, you’ll thoroughly test your reaction speed. Here, you’ll play against another player in online mode. The winner is the one who solves all tasks faster than their opponent.

Yes, the game won’t impress you with mind-blowing graphics or great variety, but it’s a good choice for quick relaxation. Besides this game, there’s another one where four players compete against each other.

Next, we’ll tell you about games that require an internet connection.

Drive Ahead!

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 30

This game was incredibly popular in its time and is still being played today.

In this game, you’ll participate in deadly car battles. Various obstacles will regularly hinder you. But the main goal is to defeat your opponent.

“Drive Ahead!” offers a wide range of combat vehicles. All that’s left is to choose the right one and rush into battle.


Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 31

In this game, you will embark on journeys as various characters in a mysterious virtual world. Besides battling enemies and creatures, you will gather resources and build structures using blocks, somewhat reminiscent of the well-known “Minecraft.”

You can play with friends or other players from around the world.

BlackMoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 32

“BlackMoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer” is a game that will uplift your mood. You will control various heroes fighting against a multitude of enemies, including monsters.

Up to four players can join the game, and there are both PvP and campaign modes.

You can also customize your dungeons. In general, it’s very interesting.

Soul Knight

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 33

“Soul Knight” is a game where you, along with your character, will explore dungeons and battle enemies. Completing various tasks will earn you many rewards.

The developers have created numerous different locations and types of weapons in the game. In online play, you can crush enemies with your friends.

Mortal Kombat

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 34

Well, were you waiting for it? Of course. This game is one of the most popular in the history of not only its genre but the entire gaming industry. “Mortal Kombat” has made a name for itself as a game on consoles and PCs, and it soon became available on mobile devices.

What do you do here? Crush your enemy, break their bones, and more.

The game features many different characters, each with their unique abilities. This incredible action-fighting game has captivated millions of people worldwide. You can play against AI or other players.

Shadowgun Legends

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 35

This game is one of the most popular shooters on mobile devices. The incredible explosions and gunfire won’t leave you indifferent. Not only is the game interesting, but it’s also extremely vibrant. It’s worth commending the developers for the excellent graphics. Not every shooter can boast such high-quality and well-optimized visuals.

The game offers various modes and activities, ensuring you always have something to do.

Identity V

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 36

This game falls into the horror genre. Four players are victims while another player tries to eliminate them all.

The game will surprise you with very good graphics and gameplay. There are also many skins available for your characters.

If you want to have a great time with friends, this is definitely your choice.

Hero Hunters

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 37

Another shooter where you assemble your team and go into battle.

The game features a wide variety of characters with unique skills and abilities.

The game has fun graphics and visual effects, and competing with players from around the world for top positions in the global rankings makes it very interesting.

In general, download it. You won’t regret it.

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 38

This is a very interesting online role-playing game for mobile devices. During the development of this game, the developers worked meticulously on the design and graphics, creating a visually impressive game that can easily compete with similar games on PC or consoles. This is truly commendable.

In this game, you will encounter a vast virtual world filled with various adventures and combat activities.

Furthermore, the game offers several game modes.

Space Pioneer

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 39

Challenge various monsters that have become a nuisance and embark on grand space adventures where you will encounter many different and interesting events. Build and upgrade your base, equipment, weapons, and much more.

The game will delight you with its excellent cartoonish graphics.


This game is very unique and unlike others. Why? Simply because it operates on two screens simultaneously, and most importantly, they appear as if they are one continuous screen. In other words, the second screen is an extension of the first.

Your objective is to bounce a virtual ball between the two screens and earn points.

Battle and defeat players from all over the world.


This list couldn’t possibly be complete without one of the most popular games in history, the well-known and beloved “Minecraft.” There’s no need to explain what to do and how to play this game; every gamer has heard of it.

It’s worth mentioning that playing with friends on a separate server turns the game into incredibly exciting adventures in a blocky world.


“Hearthstone” is arguably one of the most popular card games in history. The developers at Blizzard have created an incredibly captivating game.

You’ll engage in thrilling card battles against other players. The game is based on the “World of Warcraft” universe.

There are plenty of exciting activities in the game. Moreover, you can engage in epic card battles with your friends at any time.

Angry Birds GO!

One of the many games in one of the most famous series featuring angry birds and pigs battling each other. However, this game is a bit different from others in the series. The main characters here also compete with each other, but in epic races.

You can invite your friends to join the fun. This game will provide you with lots of positive emotions.

Street Fighter IV

Another fighting game, but in a more cartoonish style. The game is very entertaining, with cool pixelated graphics combined with fun gameplay and excellent optimization, making it a highly engaging game.

The game is paid, but there’s also a free trial version with various activities.

Battleheart 2

Best Two-Player Games for Android → photo 40

This fantasy RPG game will provide you with lots of enjoyable moments and experiences. All you need to do is assemble a team of different heroes and complete various levels. Bringing friends along will make it even more exciting.

That’s it! These are some of the best mobile games for multiple players. We sincerely hope you choose a game from our list that is the most interesting and suitable for you and your friends.