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🎮10 Sony-exclusive games available on PC

Adventures in amazing worlds that were originally created exclusively for PlayStation gamers are gradually making their way to PC as well. Over the past few years, there has been a trend of bringing Sony’s studio exclusives to a wider audience. This is primarily driven by the need to increase revenue. But for us gamers, it’s a reason for joy because now we can play iconic franchises for the entire gaming industry on our native PCs! Moreover, we are promised even more adaptations in the near future!

Heavy Rain

The interactive movie from the globally renowned studio Quantic Dream, which previously developed the cult classic Fahrenheit, is now available for installation on PC. The new hit, Heavy Rain, compelled millions of gamers to purchase a PS3 just to experience this outstanding work in its genre.

The seemingly limitless variety of gameplay, an intriguing story, and beautiful graphics that still hold up will immerse you in the atmosphere of a rainy city. It’s a classic thriller with detective elements, where you’ll have to find a serial killer while playing as multiple different characters whose paths intersect as the game progresses.


Journey is an incredibly beautiful game with unique game design, and it is also available for installation on PC. Here, you’ll find a captivating and simultaneously touching story filled with numerous mysteries and hidden meanings. Each player can find something of their own and interpret what’s happening differently.

This is an excellent choice for those who want to relax and methodically progress through the story without facing any serious challenges. It will be extremely difficult to tear yourself away from the beauty of the game world and the atmosphere it creates.

Death Stranding

The genius of the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima, delighted his fans with a new PlayStation exclusive in 2019. Famous actors, unconventional gameplay, and a complex storyline – all of this is conveyed in Death Stranding in the best traditions of Japanese game development. And now, just over a year later, Sony decided to adapt the game for PC. Millions of fans marked 2020 in their calendars as a special year.

Where else can you play as a courier in such a beautiful and picturesque world, one that is on the brink of global catastrophe? You’ll need to build bridges between continents, save society, and survive among the dead. Yes, at times, the game may become repetitive, but the story keeps dedicated fans engaged.

Days Gone

Days Gone is an underrated game that opened doors for Bend Studios in the world of game development. With beautiful graphics, a familiar post-apocalyptic zombie setting, and lively combat mechanics, it seemed like it should attract a massive audience. However, for some reason, it didn’t resonate as well with Sony fans. As a result, it had relatively weak sales and less enthusiastic reviews.

But those who managed to play through Days Gone from start to finish praise its incredible atmosphere and solid storyline. The main character is likable, the characters are colorful, and something is driving everyone forward. Everything here is logical and surprisingly not boring. Yes, zombies may not surprise many players anymore, but the unique mechanics of fighting hordes and exploring vast locations on a bike provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that hardly needs an introduction, as it became a hit among exclusives despite strong competition. A rich open world, populated by the remnants of humanity and a whole host of mechanical creatures, immerses gamers in an unforgettable atmosphere. And the game’s graphics are simply outstanding.

The main heroine will teach you to shoot a bow, set traps, and engage in exciting melee combat. The extraordinary combination of technology and a primitive world will keep you engaged for many hours. Even now, the game continues to gain popularity, especially with the release of its sequel.

Nioh 2

The Japanese game Nioh 2 attempts to resemble Dark Souls, but in reality, it has succeeded in becoming something special. Its increased difficulty will appeal to hardcore enthusiasts, and the deep character progression options will allow you to shape your character as you desire. It’s worth noting the beautiful graphics and solid sound design.

The adaptation of the game for PC has brought in more fans to the series. The first installment was somewhat of an oddity, but it managed to capture the audience’s interest. With the release of the sequel, the fanbase grew significantly.

Detroit: Become Human

Another creation by Quantic Dream, which leveraged the success of their previous games and released a sales hit on PlayStation. The new interactive cinematic story will once again let you play as several in-game characters, but this time, they are not humans but androids.

The graphics on PC are even more stunning, immersing you completely in the unfolding atmosphere. The story is genuinely good and deserves respect, as it’s challenging to find such works even among Hollywood movies. The familiar non-linearity, lengthy dialogues, vivid world, and engaging characters are all now available on PC in Detroit: Become Human!

Beyond: Two Souls

Still not tired of interactive cinema? Then here’s another game for you: Beyond: Two Souls by Quantic Dream, which can boast the presence of world-famous actors. It’s a true thriller with a highly intricate plot and action scenes. You’ll have to control two characters who can change the course of the story at any moment.

Traditional studio features such as quality dialogues and well-developed characters are present in this game as well. However, they are complemented by the unusual mechanic of the heroine’s extrasensory abilities. Give it a try!


Now you’re definitely going to get tired of interactive cinema because here’s another one! But this time, it’s from a different studio and features real actors on the stage. What can you do? The choice is limited, so let’s enjoy all the Sony exclusives that have been released on PC.

In this game, Erica allows you to control the actions of the main heroine while observing the progress of the plot. You won’t be playing as just a drawn character; it’s a real actress! It’s a fun game that’s worth trying out.

God of War 2018

Finally, we’ve been waiting for this! A global-scale hit that outshone all its competitors not only on PlayStation but also on PC – the game God of War 2018. The legendary character Kratos has returned to once again show who the God of War is.

However, the gameplay is drastically different from the previous installments. It’s now a thoughtful action game with a rich story and lore. Kratos is accompanied by his son Atreus, with whom he has a complicated relationship. Add to that the fantastic open world, the intertwining of different mythologies, and an unforgettable soundtrack. Yes, this is the game of the year, and it’s already available on PC!