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Multiplayer games for two 2024

Gamers also have friends or relatives with whom they can share joy in the virtual space. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the best two-player cooperative games across various genres. Some titles are well-known, but revisiting the classic atmosphere is always worthwhile!

Most Popular Two-Player Games on PC

Portal 2

The timeless classic, Portal 2 from Valve, captivates players not only with its single-player story mode but also with its entertaining cooperative gameplay. Players must solve puzzles spiced up with trademark humor. There are enough levels to keep you engaged for a long time! You can play together on one PC or in online mode.

Castle Crashers

This game offers several gameplay modes for up to 4 players. Castle Crashers entices with its classic visual style and a fantasy tale of a kidnapped princess. The developers didn’t forget to sprinkle in some light-hearted humor, often referencing well-worn gaming clichés. And at the end of the game, a surprise awaits! Get ready to determine who in your team is the strongest warrior!


The game has already won the hearts of casual gamers. Here, you’ll test the strength of your friendship, as all actions must be well-coordinated! Time works against the entire team. Will you manage to fulfill all orders and overcome the challenging kitchen trials?

Divinity: Original Sin

One of the best RPGs in recent years, reviving classic mechanics familiar to Dungeons & Dragons fans. While the game can be completed solo, it’s much more fun with a partner. Unique humor, intriguing dispute resolution mechanics, turn-based combat, and vibrant graphics guarantee countless hours of unforgettable fun! By the way, you can extend the enjoyment with its sequel – Original Sin 2.

Best New Two-Player Games on PC

It Takes Two

The game, which garnered numerous awards in 2021, became a true breakthrough in cooperative entertainment. It tells a fairy-tale story of a couple on the verge of breaking up. The developers managed to incorporate an incredible variety of mechanics, making the gameplay extremely engaging. Here you’ll find puzzles, races, simple platformers, and even fighting!

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The latest offering from the Polish studio Techland immerses gamers in a dystopian urban jungle, where several human communities strive to survive. You’ll have to survive alongside your partner, fighting through hordes of dangerous zombies and advancing the storyline. Dying Light 2 offers modern graphics, parkour, refined melee combat mechanics, and a vast open world.


Valheim is a typical representative of open-world survival games. Yet thousands of gamers appreciate its Scandinavian atmosphere and good graphics, even on weaker PCs! You can share all the intricacies of extensive crafting with friends, discovering several engaging mechanics borrowed from other popular genre representatives.

Best Browser-Based Two-Player Games

Fireboy and Watergirl

If you don’t have the opportunity to play demanding computer games, you can have fun with browser-based online games! For example, in Fireboy and Watergirl, two participants need to solve several puzzles to advance to the next level. The mechanics are simple and well-known, making it accessible even to newcomers.

Stickman Games

Stickman games are constantly evolving, with developers continually delighting fans with new and genre-diverse titles. Simply choose your favorite variant and enjoy! You’ll surely appreciate the amusing physics that sets the brand apart from other analogs.

Drunk Boxing

Do you love straightforward and simple gameplay? Then Drunk Boxing is for you! Moreover, the amusing physics of the characters will provide plenty of enjoyment. But don’t think they’re easy to control!

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