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Review of famous games transferred from PC to Android

Years ago, mobile gaming wasn’t as popular as it is now. Gaming on smartphones seemed to be on a lower level compared to PCs or consoles. Because of this, well-known game developers didn’t even think about releasing their projects for Android or iOS. But today, the situation has drastically changed, and many popular games are now available on smartphones. We’ve gathered the best of them, and if you didn’t have the opportunity or time to play them on your PC, now it’s easier than ever to enjoy them on your mobile device.


This strategy game is a direct successor to Enemy Unknown. The story revolves around the leader of an elite organization that battles aliens. In your role, you’ll need to recruit fighters, form squads, and organize operations. You’ll have to visit different parts of the world to defend the planet from invasion.

Enemy Within introduces many enhancements for development, including skills, abilities, and equipment. The game also offers additional storylines. There’s plenty to keep the player engaged thanks to its depth and dynamism.


A cult game probably known to almost everyone. It allows you to immerse yourself in the world of San Andreas and even play additional storylines not available in the PC version. Among the clear advantages of the game are:

  • excellent optimization, making the game run smoothly even on less powerful smartphones;
  • improved graphics and detailed locations;
  • soundtrack.

Players will take on the role of a character familiar to fans of the series – Carl Johnson. If you don’t know who he is, that’s another reason to become a part of Los Santos.


This adventure puzzle tells the story of two brothers willing to do anything to find a cure for their father. They will embark on a Journey that will turn into real trials. The game from Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games was highly successful on PC, so it was decided to release it on mobile platforms as well.

The main feature of the game is that you will have to play as two characters simultaneously. The gameplay was specifically optimized for mobile platforms, allowing the brothers to move the story forward, solve puzzles, and help each other. Among other game features, the incredibly beautiful graphics stand out.


This game from Rockstar may not have been as popular as GTA, but it still has a solid fan base. The main character is a school bully who constantly breaks the rules. He constantly argues with the school administration, devises mischief, and has authority among other students. That’s what you’ll be doing in the game, building your reputation, taking over territory, and more.

The game has been fully optimized for mobile platforms and the graphics have been noticeably improved. Bully is not demanding, making it suitable even for less powerful smartphones.


A well-known survival simulator based on events in Sarajevo. Players must not only save a group of people but also survive themselves. You’ll need to search for medicine, food, shelter, and defend against marauders and soldiers. If the player fails in their task, they can lose supplies or squad members.

A significant advantage of the game is that there is always something to do. The gameplay is divided into day and night time, allowing you to plan your actions and carry out specific tasks (raids, diversions, group movements) more effectively.


A popular first-person puzzle game. Players find themselves on a deserted island with numerous puzzles scattered around. The puzzles themselves are very much like mazes of varying complexity.

The game is practically devoid of a storyline. You can find notes, videos, and document fragments that provide some minimal context. The Witness focuses on puzzles, with 600 of them to solve along your journey. Some are secret, so you’ll need to search for them. The ending depends on the quantity and quality of puzzle completion.


A game from the legendary developer of Monkey Islands, Tim Schafer, which immerses players in a world full of puzzles, mysteries, and various locations. The narrative is told from the perspective of two teenagers – Vella and Shay, whose destinies are closely intertwined. Among the main features of the game are:

  1. Dialogue choices and the ability to interact with NPCs.
  2. The story unfolds gradually, becoming deeper and more intriguing.
  3. High-quality optimization for mobile platforms.

For players who appreciate a well-crafted combination of story, graphics, and a large number of puzzles, this game is worth checking out.

Hello Neighbor

A horror game with a classic plot about a neighbor with a couple of deadly secrets in his closet. Players must not only sneak into the neighbor’s house to uncover the truth but also survive. The most important thing – you shouldn’t get caught.

The project stands out with colorful graphics and a large number of puzzles. The atmosphere remains tense, thanks in part to the musical and sound accompaniment.

Call of Duty Mobile

A popular first-person shooter, the Android release of which was highly anticipated by fans. The game offers several modes:

  • Multiplayer;
  • Team-based;
  • Battle Royale;
  • Sniper duels;
  • Survival in a zombie apocalypse.

Periodically, events occur, so gamers will have access to various equipment, events, and temporary modes. There is also a leaderboard for active players.


A classic platformer that was reissued in 2017 by Lizardcube. A version for mobile devices was also created, so Android users can enjoy the game as well. The main hero is a half-human, half-lizard, who will face numerous challenges. You’ll need to explore locations, complete quests, defeat monsters, and much more.

Developers have also added the option to switch between graphics. You can play in an 8-bit version or choose the modern variant. There are several difficulty levels to choose from.

Warface: Global Operations

Another popular first-person shooter adapted for mobile platforms. A lot of work has been done: graphics optimization, redesigned controls, improved graphics. Players can engage in 4v4 battles. Characters are created from scratch and can be upgraded. There are over 120 types of weapons to choose from with the option to upgrade.

Developers offer various events, enhancing the game’s capabilities. Through these events, you can obtain equipment, weapons, increase character experience, and try out new game modes.


The game allows you to take on the role of a real goat, quite literally. As this animal, the user will create chaos. For example, scaring people, performing tricks, causing mayhem in amusement parks, and much more. There are plenty of possibilities. This project is for those who want to play something fun, unusual, and “silly.” It’s no wonder it gained such success on PC.

Dead by Daylight

A multiplayer horror game that has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. Players must either take on the role of a killer and catch four victims or become one of the unfortunate ones trying to escape. To do this, you need to activate all the generators in a specific area. It’s not easy because the killer is always close and can appear at any moment.

The game offers many maps, character options, weapons, and more. The project became so popular that a mobile version was only a matter of time. Now users can download the game and experience the intense atmosphere of survival for themselves.


The legendary puzzle game from Valve is now available on mobile devices. However, you’ll still need a controller and the NVIDIA SHIELD console for it to run. With them, the graphics will be more detailed and high-quality.

Speaking of the game itself, the engaging gameplay and high difficulty of the puzzles will keep you captivated. Some puzzles will be simple, while others will make you think seriously. Certain puzzles, for example, are focused on speed and reaction. The game also has a storyline that unfolds as you progress.


A Star Wars role-playing game that takes players back to the times of the Old Republic. The events of the story occur 4,000 years before Luke Skywalker was born. The developer offers both parts of the game to be downloaded at once, and players can expect:

  • Real-time battles;
  • Puzzles and riddles;
  • Main and side quests.

The game will delight players with a well-thought-out and cohesive storyline, a soundtrack, and optimized graphics.


The main feature of this top-down shooter is the atmosphere of the 90s, complemented by an excellent soundtrack. Every day, the main character receives a message instructing them to carry out killings for hire.

The game is characterized by vibrant colors and dynamism. Shootouts and level transitions happen quickly, and if you hesitate, you can catch a bullet. Additionally, you have the ability to not only pick up weapons but also acquire special masks, which provide the main character with various abilities.


Players will immerse themselves in the world of 1986, where humans live alongside various fantastical creatures. Most of them are forced to hide, and the only one who can help solve their problems is the detective named Bigby Wolf. The adaptation does not entirely replicate previous games or comics, so players can expect new quests, plot twists, and more.

The Telltale Games project is distinguished by an incredible atmosphere, soundtrack, and graphics. The gameplay itself is divided into 5 chapters. Players will need to solve puzzles, complete quests, and explore locations. Dialogues offer variability, so you can lead the main character to the most optimal ending. Every step or dialogue choice can already affect the story’s outcome.


This project is distinguished by its uniqueness. The indie game tells the story of an unnamed boy who is forced to travel through a creepy and dark forest. By solving various puzzles and facing numerous obstacles, the main character can not only save himself but also find his sister. The incredible atmosphere is created through dark locations, minimalism, and sound design.

After its release, Limbo received numerous positive reviews and awards. Fans were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to play it not only on PC but also on smartphones. It’s one of the best options for indie game enthusiasts.


Players will have the opportunity to try themselves in the role of an octopus. However, this creature has a house, a family, and even a job. It’s the perfect setup for a perfect life, but the main problem is that he’s an octopus. Hiding his true nature is not easy but necessary.

The developer offers a variety of fun tasks and puzzles that are challenging due to the presence of tentacles. For example, picking up and delivering something, climbing or not arousing suspicion in a café. The difficulty increases with each level. The game also features:

  • Decent graphics;
  • Good sound design;
  • A variety of quests.

The game is designed for fun, so don’t expect a serious approach to what’s happening there.


A well-known first-person shooter, beloved by many gamers, is now available for smartphone owners. Players must engage in the destruction of enemy aliens on Mars. The gameplay is not burdened with anything else because the player already has weapons in hand, so it’s time to kill.

The gameplay doesn’t offer anything new, but everything that happens is dynamic and spectacular. Developers have adapted the graphics, making it much better. Additional levels are available for mobile version players. There’s also a character upgrade system.

Max Payne Mobile

A game based on numerous books, games, and even movies about the legendary Max Payne. Now you can experience his adventures on mobile devices. In the storyline, the player needs to seek revenge for his family and restore his reputation, all while having countless enemies. The game offers a plethora of obstacles and tasks that are essential for achieving a positive result.

The game is equipped with a special Bullet Time technology that makes shootouts even more spectacular. The graphics are top-notch, which will also please fans.

Who else has been forgotten to mention?

The mobile gaming market is constantly evolving, so today you can find dozens of adapted games. The list could go on endlessly, but here are a few more interesting options.

  1. 60 Seconds & 60 Parsecs! – a survival simulator in the context of a nuclear war that unfolds right before the player’s eyes.
  2. The ABC Murders – a detective game based on Agatha Christie’s “The Alphabet Murders.”
  3. Alien Shooter – a top-down shooter where you need to defend against an alien invasion, featuring an engaging storyline.
  4. The Walking Dead: Season One, Two, A New Frontier, Michonne – adventure games from Telltale Games set in the universe of “The Walking Dead” series. Players can meet both new characters and beloved ones from the original series.
  5. Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II – classic fantasy RPGs.
  6. ROME: Total War – a civilization-building strategy game. Players will develop one of the states of Ancient Rome.
  7. Stardew Valley – a game about a farmer starting over. New place, new farm, new challenges.
  8. How to Get a Neighbor – a well-known classic adapted for mobile platforms.
  9. LEGO games, covering various universes (Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars). The graphics are done in the style of the famous building blocks.
  10. Graveyard Keeper – a simulator of a gravedigger in the Middle Ages.

And this is far from a complete list. You can explore other well-known projects that have become available for Android on the Play Market.