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What to play when there is no internet: best games for Android

Thanks to modern gadgets and internet coverage, gamers have the opportunity to play their favorite virtual games anytime, anywhere. However, a significant number of mobile projects require an internet connection and high-speed internet, which is not always possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of games that can be played on Android without a connection to the global network.

But there’s a small caveat: without an internet connection, users can’t view ads, and as a result, developers don’t earn revenue from ads, so they are forced to find other ways to make money. So not all games that make it to the top are available for free.


This duology will appeal to those who love to fantasize and explore original worlds. In the first part, the main character of the game was a princess, while in the second, the focus is on a mother and daughter.

The game features charming graphics and immerses the character into a universe that follows its own unique laws. The world of MONUMENT VALLEY differs from Earth: space changes, taking on atypical forms. To progress, the user will have to engage their imagination and intuition. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell where reality ends and imagination begins.


Players can feel like real special agents as they undertake complex and unforeseen missions: eliminating targets, infiltrating heavily guarded buildings, and more. The developers have used the image of Agent 47, and it shows. To reach the final, the Agent needs to carefully plan every step, move stealthily, and avoid the eyes of the enemy. HITMAN GO’s distinctive feature is its graphics, resembling dioramas with plastic figurines.


The game will appeal to fans of the Tomb Raider, offering players the chance to feel like explorers and assist Lara Croft herself. The hero must explore tombs, solve intricate puzzles, and escape deadly threats. Completing tasks rewards the character with useful artifacts and new costumes for the heroine. The gameplay is unhurried, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and carefully plan their actions. It can be played at the user’s convenience.


The gameplay and graphics are similar to LARA CROFT GO and Agent 47. The opponents are even stronger, smarter, and more dangerous. The user will have to deal with guards, evade traps, and most importantly, bypass a new security computer system. The game has a timer, so there is a time limit for completing tasks. This makes the gameplay even more captivating and dynamic.


Fans of the popular horror franchise will be thrilled as they help The Crew of a spaceship survive in the depths of space while being hunted by a terrifying creature. The game’s uniqueness lies in its limited resources. The hero needs to display analytical abilities to allocate power to systems correctly, give orders to the crew, and track the movements of the monster. Avoiding encounters with the bloodthirsty alien is crucial. Survival depends on hiding from it for as long as possible.


The hero embarks on a Journey to a fantasy world where they must aid the forces of Good. Evil necromancers, orcs, and demons once enslaved a thriving universe, and now the user must save this world. The hero is aided by brave heroes and towers. Each hero possesses unique abilities. The enemy’s forces surpass in power and numbers, so victory hinges on the strategic use of resources: clever placement of defensive towers and the application of hero abilities.


In this game, there are over 55 characters and a sufficient number of levels (200) to keep the gameplay going for as long as possible. For each completed level, players are rewarded with “Incrediballs,” which are living creatures with useful properties. These Incrediballs make it easier for players to discover secrets, navigate traps, and win battles against enemies. The game can be downloaded for free and works perfectly without an internet connection.


In this game, the player takes on the role of a sniper. They have two objectives: eliminate various targets and uncover the truth about their character’s past. There is a wide variety of available weapons. The graphics are pleasant, with a black-and-white style that resembles hand-drawn sketches.


The game tells a slightly eerie but captivating story. The atmospheric graphics are rendered in black and white and have a somewhat cartoonish feel. Importantly, the gameplay is very faithful to the original. LIMBO truly immerses players in its whimsical and dark world, making it challenging to leave. The game also works seamlessly without an internet connection.


This tactical and realistic shooter places the player in command of a Squad of professional soldiers who organize anti-terrorist operations in various countries around the world. The player must lead the squad and fight against evil. The soldiers under the player’s command possess unique abilities, helping to deal with enemy snipers and outmaneuver security forces. Successful missions bring more modern weapons and equipment to the arsenal. These can be used not only in military campaigns but also in other game modes, such as the zombie mode.


SOUL KNIGHT evokes retro games with its similar graphics. The hero embarks on an action-packed adventure, navigating dangerous dungeons to rid them of evil forces. The main character must dodge magical projectiles hurled by enemies. Restoring order in this world is no easy task, but it’s captivating. Each new level is unique and offers various challenges, and the hero has a wide range of equipment and characters at their disposal.


The hero finds themselves on a scientific base located on another planet and must defend it against attacking enemies. What sets ANCIENT PLANET TOWER DEFENSE OFFLINE apart from similar games is that the hero can place defensive towers anywhere, not just in predefined locations. This allows players to use their imagination and develop their own defense strategies for each level.


This game differs from other mobile games in its genre. Here, you won’t find typical battles, simple vampire slaying, or dull automatic combat. Instead, players are immersed in an atmospheric universe. The fantasy world is vast and full of unexpected events. Players must make difficult decisions, apply logic, and act humanely to make the right choices. Interestingly, the hero can play the role of either a positive or negative character.


In a futuristic world viewed from above, a battle between good and evil unfolds. The hero must fight against an enemy that is determined to breach the base. Active abilities and turrets help neutralize the enemy. To succeed in the campaign, it’s essential to strategically place the turrets. Choosing upgrade paths and using abilities that complement each other is crucial for victory, and the right moment to do so must be chosen.


In this game, players are tasked with renovating an old mansion and its surrounding areas. They must gradually progress through levels, and they receive rewards for completing each level in the form of interior items that can be placed in any room of the mansion. Online events periodically appear in the game, allowing players to enhance their decor. The game works well without an internet connection.


For those who are interested in the zombie apocalypse theme, this game transports the hero into a bloody universe where they must escape from monsters. The threat never subsides, and characters must constantly move and search for resources to ensure their survival. A loyal dog assists in winning battles against zombies. The game features beautiful, realistic graphics, offers a variety of weapons, and regularly updates the arsenal through daily events.


Clicker games, including NONSTOP KNIGHT, were highly popular a few years ago but are still in demand among their fans today. The hero must clear dungeons of enemy forces. This game differs somewhat from similar projects. Here, players can upgrade their hero in various ways, acquire pets, and review the path the character has taken.


The game immerses players in a universe where zombies rampage, and people are not always willing to help each other. Zombies and traitors must be eliminated before order can be restored in the world. Winning isn’t easy; it requires accurate shooting and using cover from enemies. While BLAZING SNIPER’s graphics may not be highly advanced, the dynamic gameplay compensates for it, and players are offered a wide selection of weapons.


This game combines elements of card games, puzzles, and roguelikes. The hero must venture into a mysterious and dark dungeon where treasures are hidden. However, the downside of this journey is the monsters lurking in the winding corridors. The game board consists of nine cards, with one of them representing the character. Each turn reveals cards depicting various elements of the environment, including healing items, treasures, traps, enemies, and more. The hero’s goal is to collect as much gold as possible and, of course, survive.


SPACE MARSHALS 2 transports players to a well-designed space western universe. The hero embarks on a journey across the galaxy, sometimes reaching its farthest corners, all to bring hardened criminals to justice. The hero encounters unexpected showdowns, chases, and attacks. The game works well in offline mode.


The rules of this fantasy game involve the hero placing towers to defend their territory, protecting the base from enemy invasion. Additionally, the main character has the opportunity to organize attacks on opponents, using a powerful bow as their weapon. SKULL TOWERS combines elements of a shooter and tower defense, making the gameplay entirely unique. The game significantly outshines similar projects in this regard.


This game is a science-fiction shooter. The story campaign consists of 19 levels, each of which offers dynamic gameplay, hidden threats, and unexpected twists. The game operates without an internet connection, allowing players to eliminate bots and engage in combat against enemies anytime, anywhere. The futuristic graphics add atmosphere to the game, and the wide selection of weapons and unique abilities for each character make the gameplay an exciting pastime.


The game is an adventure simulator that provides a relaxing experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in colorful landscapes and unexpected plot twists. The hero can glide across dunes that were once a flourishing civilization, enjoying interesting locations accompanied by soothing music. The game can be installed for free, works without an internet connection, and does not require in-app purchases.


ETERNIUM resembles classic games that were played on old computers. You need to create your hero and send them into a fantasy world to battle monsters. At each level, you’ll have to upgrade your character, allowing you to acquire new weapons and equipment. To use the spell system, you’ll need to draw magical symbols on the screen. The absence of an internet connection does not hinder progress through all the game’s levels.


For those who love action, WEST GUNFIGHTER is worth trying. Players acquire a trusty steed, receive weapons, and don a genuine cowboy hat. The Wild West atmosphere and complete freedom of action are captivating in this virtual world. Players can choose between the light and dark sides: become a cowboy hunting down criminals or become a villain and go on a rampage.

The game stands out with a multitude of tasks, a wide range of weapons, and interesting locations. Fans of the Western world should not overlook this game.


Players will take on the role of the shadowy ninja Arashi. He is on a mission to find his son and is willing to do whatever it takes, even challenging Orochi, the devil himself. To save his son, Arashi must complete 45 levels, each with its own level of difficulty. Along the way, he’ll have to navigate traps, battle enemies, and solve challenging puzzles. The game has a captivating atmosphere, is rich in unexpected twists, offers excellent gameplay, and works without an internet connection.


LUDO KING is a game that can broaden a gamer’s horizons. It is based on an ancient game. In LUDO KING, you can play alone or invite friends to join. Without the internet, 2 to 6 participants can play. The rules are simple and can be grasped even by children. The game offers several themes and modes to choose from. It’s an excellent opportunity to have fun with friends over an engaging activity.


Google Chrome’s browser entertains its users when the internet connection is lost. A cute dinosaur appears on the page, and it jumps when you press the spacebar. An empty page turns into a simple game that provides enjoyable time-passing.

The game DINO T-REX borrowed this Easter egg. It works without an internet connection. The conditions are extremely simple: you need to race forward, overcome obstacles along the way, and achieve the highest possible score. You’ll need to beat your own records, but defeating yourself can be quite satisfying. The game occupies minimal memory (only 3 MB) and incorporates modern internet memes into its gameplay. Such a game is addictive, allowing you to relieve stress and relax.