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Best train simulator games | train games 2024

Welcome to the page dedicated to the best train simulator games! Here you will find everything you need for true train enthusiasts.

Train Games 2024

Train Simulator

The first game worth mentioning is “Train Simulator.” This game allows you to operate various types of trains on realistic routes around the world. With realistic graphics and sound effects, you’ll feel like a real locomotive engineer. “Train Simulator” also supports modifications, allowing players to create and upload their own routes and trains.

Trainz Simulator

The next game to mention is “Trainz Simulator.” In this game, you can create your own routes and trains using an intuitive editor. “Trainz Simulator” also has an extensive catalog of ready-made routes and trains created by the player community.

If you’re looking for a simpler train simulator game, “Railroad Tycoon 3” is the perfect choice. In this game, you not only manage trains but also build and oversee a railroad company. You’ll compete with other companies and fight for market control.

Microsoft Train Simulator

It’s worth mentioning “Microsoft Train Simulator.” This game was released back in 2001 but remains popular among train simulator game enthusiasts. “Microsoft Train Simulator” allows you to operate trains on various routes around the world. This game also supports modifications, enabling players to add new trains and routes.

Train Sim World 3: Train Management Simulator

For those who have ever dreamed of operating a real train, you can now do so in Train Sim World 3. In this game, you’ll experience the unique control of a virtual train that is so realistic it can be compared to playing a piano. Train Sim World 3 features all types of licensed locomotives, each of which is an accurate virtual copy of a real vehicle. To set the train in motion, you’ll need to use several levers and buttons, just like in real life. But don’t worry, for newcomers to the game, there’s a detailed train driver’s school where you can learn the basics of train operation.

Train Sim World 3 offers players several game modes, including cargo and passenger transportation, as well as missions. You can choose the location for your game, whether it’s America, Britain, or Canada. The game also offers a variety of different locomotives, from massive freight trains to small and cozy passenger trains, as well as modern high-speed trains with onboard electronics and computers. You can also customize the appearance of your train by selecting your logo and paint scheme.

Train Sim World 3 is a game that raises the bar for the entire series, providing players with a unique train management experience. If you enjoy simulator games, you might also like OMSI 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era initially disappointed many fans of the series due to optimization issues and high hardware requirements. However, today, this train simulator has become very popular, especially in Russia. And it’s not surprising since the game offers a full-fledged simulator with excellent physics and train behavior modeling in various conditions. It’s particularly interesting to play when dynamic weather changes add realism: you can encounter rain, frost, fog, or a hot sunny day during your Journey.

However, the main feature of this simulator is the mods. Trainz: A New Era is a massive platform for a variety of global and minor mods. The most popular modifications include Russian maps with diesel locomotives and commuter trains. These maps often cover vast territories, including significant parts of Russia. Unfortunately, you can’t exit the locomotive and hug a birch tree, but perhaps modders will add this feature. The game is somewhat similar to Train Simulator 2022, Railway Empire, Transport Fever 2, Sid Meier’s Railroads!

Train Simulator Classic

Train Simulator Classic is a classic PC train simulator game. In this game, you can build a collection of trains, unlocking new locomotives and steam engines, including rare ones. Experience a true locomotive engineer’s adventure and complete numerous tasks to unlock all available trains.

The game is perfect for those with less powerful computers and newcomers who want to explore the world of train simulators. However, don’t think the game is too simple—it requires players to master train control and schedules.

Train Simulator Classic is an old but still very popular game, thanks to its vast number of DLCs and mods. If you want more content, consider similar games like RailWorks, Trainz, and Microsoft Train Simulator. All of them allow you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of railroad adventures.

Derail Valley

Derail Valley is one of the most interesting train simulators still in development. Despite this, the game has already won many fans who appreciate its unique atmosphere and freedom of action. Unlike most similar games, Derail Valley allows players to freely move around the world, choose their own routes, and take on cargo transportation contracts.

Train control in the game is simple yet detailed. You need to monitor the speed to avoid derailing while also having the freedom to move around the world and perform train repairs.

Derail Valley supports VR, making the gameplay even more immersive and realistic. If you love train simulators, this game is definitely worth your attention.

Railroad Corporation

Railroad Corporation is a tycoon game for those who have already mastered locomotives. In this game, you become a railroad magnate who doesn’t just make money but is also a pioneer in the field. The game is set during the colonization of America, where vast territories are full of resources, small towns are scattered across the map, and transportation corporations compete against each other.

You start the game as an enthusiast with only a weak steam locomotive and a few cars. However, through the skill tree, you can unlock new cars and locomotives. Eventually, you’ll manage entire fleets of freight and passenger trains, from small ones to powerful and elegant locomotives with a capital “P.”

Like any tycoon game, players must manage resources, finances, and supplies. You can lay down railroad tracks, build bridges, create junctions, and much more. The game will easily captivate you for hours.

If you enjoyed Railroad Corporation, you may also like tycoon games such as “Transport Fever 2,” “Cities: Skylines,” “Railway Empire,” and “Industry Giant 2.” These games allow players to become magnates in various economic sectors and manage their empires.

Train Mechanic Simulator

If you love railroad technology and don’t mind trying your hand as a mechanic, then Train Mechanic Simulator is a game that you’ll surely enjoy. It’s reminiscent of the famous Car Mechanic Simulator, but here you’ll be disassembling, repairing, and upgrading steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and electric trains instead of automobiles.

Players will search for abandoned hangars and retrieve damaged train sets scattered across the map. During the game, you’ll need to learn to operate cranes and other specialized equipment. After finding and delivering the train sets to the workshop, you’ll need to disassemble them, identify the problem, and fix it. Every successfully repaired train set will earn you rewards that you can spend on improving the workshop and purchasing new equipment.

Train Mechanic Simulator is an excellent game for those who love simulators and dream of becoming professional mechanics for repairing railroad equipment. Similar games include Car Mechanic Simulator, House Flipper, and Garden Flipper.


If you ever wanted to build a huge toy train set in your childhood, then this indie project will certainly delight you. “Mashinky” is an economic strategy game with a focus on railroad themes. The game’s title may seem casual, but the graphics here are quite realistic.

You’ll need to buy train sets, lay tracks, and build infrastructure, progressing from steam locomotives to modern electric and diesel locomotives. At the time of writing this text, the game is in early access, but there is already enough content for extended gameplay. Maps are procedurally generated, so players don’t have to worry about getting bored.

By the way, you can control each train from a first-person perspective, adding realism to the game and allowing you to immerse yourself deeper into the world of railroad infrastructure.

If you enjoyed “Mashinky,” you might also like games such as “Railway Empire,” “Transport Fever 2,” and “Train Valley 2.” They are also economic strategies with a focus on railroad themes.


If you’re tired of ordinary games and are looking for something new, be sure to try this train driver simulator. Here, you can not only have fun but also learn to operate a train like a real locomotive engineer. Unlike the Train Sim World series, in ZDSimulator, you’ll find a highly realistic gameplay that will leave you anything but indifferent.

In this simulator, you’ll find numerous Russian locomotives, ranging from diesel to electric locomotives. Moreover, the developers have carefully designed all the characteristics of the locomotives to provide a highly realistic gaming experience. You’ll be able to ride on a train that behaves just like in real life. Isn’t that great?

However, it’s important to note that the game is educational. For beginners, there is a special simplified mode to help you get acquainted with the game. You can become a real train driver and conquer the railroads of Russia and the CIS countries. Here, you’ll encounter a variety of landscapes and routes that will not leave you indifferent.

If you’ve already played ZDSimulator and are looking to try something new, I recommend checking out the following games: Train Sim World 2, Trainz Simulator 2, and Train Driver 2018. In these games, you can also enjoy exciting gameplay and complete numerous routes on real trains. Good luck and have a great time!

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019

Trainz Railroad Simulator is one of the most popular game series for those passionate about railroad themes. Despite the release of a new version in 2022, many fans still remain loyal to the 2019 version. And it’s not surprising because this game offers a classic railroad simulator where you can transport both passengers and cargo on different maps.

However, what really sets Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 apart from other games in the genre is the abundance of content. Here, you’ll find numerous DLCs and mods that allow you to enjoy rides across America, Europe, and even Russia. You can ride on old-fashioned electric trains, like the ones you used to visit your grandmother’s dacha, or try your hand at modern locomotives. There are even trams in the game!

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 is suitable for both experienced players who love tinkering with hundreds of buttons and settings and for beginners who are just starting their journey into the world of railroads. The simplified mode will help you quickly get the hang of train control, and for more advanced players, there’s the possibility to customize every aspect of the game to your liking.

If you’re passionate about railroads and are looking for similar games, we recommend checking out Train Simulator, Railroad Corporation, Railway Empire, and Trainz: A New Era. Each of these games offers its unique mechanics and interesting gameplay that will not leave any railroad enthusiast indifferent.

Metro Simulator 2

The new version of the Moscow Metro simulator, Metro Simulator 2, concludes our list of PC train simulators. Currently, the game is in early access but already offers plenty of content for a comfortable gaming experience.

If you think that traveling in the metro is boring and monotonous, you are mistaken. Despite the lack of an open world, the developers have included random events in the game to keep players engaged. You may encounter situations like a person falling onto the tracks or a tunnel accident. To avoid mishaps, you need to carefully follow the dispatcher’s instructions.

If you are looking for a new challenge and want to try something unusual, then Metro Simulator 2 is what you need. However, if you’ve already enjoyed this game and are looking for something similar, we can recommend Train Simulator, Trainz Railroad Simulator, or Railroad Tycoon 3 for a change of pace.

We hope that our list of the best train simulator games will help you find the perfect game for your enjoyment. Good luck!