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Top 10 best free PC games in 2022

Not all gamers can afford expensive purchases of new computer games. Moreover, in recent years, greedy developers demand increasing rewards. Let’s not waste time and dive straight into presenting you with the Top 10 Best Free PC Games of 2022!

  • Vampire: The Masquerade โ€” Bloodhunt

A new game set in the famous vampire universe where gamers will face real opponents. Developers opted for an unusual genre for the spin-off, organizing large-scale battles akin to “battle royale” in urban settings.

Enlisted won’t be a revelation for experienced gamers but will help immerse you in a new atmosphere in the MMO shooter genre. Players will have to play from the first person in various modes. The distinctive feature of the project is the ability to control multiple soldiers at once!

  • Apex Legends

Everyone has heard of this shooter, the successor to the legendary Titanfall. The game stands out with its well-thought-out gameplay, excellent graphics, and regular content updates. Definitely worth a try!

A renowned action RPG that was fortunate to be released for the second time this year. New content awaits you and your friends in a vast open world. Moreover, the game is fully translated into Russian!

The legendary shooter is back to delight us with free access to multiplayer mode. Massive battles are characterized by dynamism and colorful graphics appreciated by all gamers.

  • Gods Of Isekai

A new MOBA with an interesting plot component. You can progress both independently and with friends. Plus, there’s an online mode for battles on well-designed 3v3 maps.

Splitgate is an unusual first-person shooter with mechanics borrowed from Halo and Portal. Give it a try at least once before drawing conclusions!

  • Scavengers

Scavengers aspires to be an unusual shooter, not least because you’ll also have to survive in it. But if you don’t want to encounter overpowered players, you can launch the PVE mode and enjoy the game in peace.

The high-profile online shooter from renowned developers still holds the leadership in terms of the number of active players. Hurry up and immerse yourself in the detailed world of large-scale battles while it’s still free!

  • Rogue Company

Not a new but still popular shooter game Rogue Company will provide a plethora of experiences from team skirmishes in closed locations. The typical confrontation between two teams unfolds differently depending on the selected mode.

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