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Best Action RPG games for Android

The mobile gaming market continues to expand and attract more gamers to its catalog. Over time, players’ demands have grown. Games like HayDay or Clash of Clans no longer surprise anyone, but some studios manage to raise the bar of quality. That’s why it’s even more interesting to follow the development of the industry and, in particular, the beloved genre of Action RPG by millions of gamers. In this article, we’ve gathered the best mobile Action RPG games for Android that are already available for download on Google Play Market! We won’t showcase clones of well-known franchises, focusing solely on original products!

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

This game is as legendary as the edition it’s distributed in for Android mobile devices. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is a worldwide classic beloved by players for its original combination of quests, combat system, dialogues, and RPG elements. The franchise is over 15 years old, but it has found a second life on mobile platforms.

The developers of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition have adapted their game for touchscreens perfectly, giving young gamers the chance to experience a classic. Experienced players will appreciate the extended edition with unique sets, DLC, and controller support.

If you haven’t heard of or played Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, you should know just one fact โ€“ the franchise posed serious competition to Diablo 2! Today, the updated version offers improved graphics, the ability to complete the story in cooperative mode, and uncover the mysteries of ancient Greece.

Pascal’s Wager

Fans of Hidetaka Miyazaki rarely come across worthy games. But Pascal’s Wager can fill many evenings with its unique atmosphere. It features intense combat, colorful characters, and an engaging story. Pascal’s Wager attempts to be similar to the soulslike games of recent years, but the difficulty level is more forgiving for newcomers. Is that a bad thing for mobile gaming?

Pascal’s Wager is not without its flaws. Some enemies lack intelligence, hitboxes occasionally glitch, but the atmosphere of the game makes you forget all about that. The visual style of the game is genuinely good, considering the technical limitations of mobile devices. One of Pascal’s Wager’s undeniable advantages is that the developers regularly release new expansions, expanding the existing content. If the game hooks you, it will be very hard to let go of it!


Another well-known franchise that borrows many original ideas from Diablo. Some might say it’s a direct clone, but that’s not entirely true. The game focuses on hack ‘n’ slash mechanics while still incorporating RPG elements naturally. Eternium is distributed for free, but this comes with one significant caveat โ€“ most of the content is evenly distributed throughout the gameplay. This means that to speed up gaining experience, access to skins, and companions, you’ll have to make in-game purchases.

Despite this, Eternium stands out in terms of quality compared to its competitors. Firstly, it offers a colorful and well-designed world. Secondly, you can complete the game without notorious in-game purchases. All you need is patience and a quick charge for your smartphone.

Diablo Immortal

Now we’ve reached modern classics that have transitioned to mobile devices. The developers of the original Diablo trilogy decided not to sit idly and released a full-fledged game for smartphones and tablets. Yes, Diablo Immortal hasn’t gone gold yet, but the closed beta testing stage is steadily moving towards its conclusion. If all goes well, on June 2, all fans will be able to download Diablo Immortal and immerse themselves in the dark world of demons.

And why not include this game in the list when the majority of Action/RPGs in one way or another try to copy the original mechanics of Diablo? Minimum text, maximum action, and simple skill progression mechanics. What else does a gamer need who plans to play a couple of hours a day during a break from their main work or on their way home?

Despite all the excitement about the release of Diablo Immortal, there is one frustrating detail that could spoil everything. Activision Blizzard hasn’t been behaving well towards fans in recent years. What about the recent remasters of the immortal classics? And no one will encourage loot boxes among gamers. We can only hope for the developers’ wisdom and a worthy release of the new part for Android.

Genshin Impact

This game unexpectedly shot to fame and won a crowd of fans in record time. Isn’t this proof that the gaming community on mobile devices craves high-quality releases and is ready to support developers? The news feed has already been flooded with reports of Genshin Impact’s billion-dollar earnings. Even smartphone reviews can’t go without mentioning this game.

What sets Genshin Impact apart from other similar games? It features an open world rendered in a high-quality Japanese anime style. Diverse characters are a feast for the eyes, and players have a good toolkit for customization. Gamers complete the main content so quickly that developers have to release expansions rapidly to keep fans engaged. The interesting skill progression and combat are to blame. And for massive battles, you need the experience gained from completing quests. That’s how the content ends so quickly!

Cat Quest

You might not have heard of Cat Quest, so let’s rectify this glaring injustice right now! This game boasts an adorable graphic style where the main characters are cats of different breeds. The main character embarks on a long and perilous Journey to save his sister. Along the way, he not only needs to level up his skills but also defeat colorful mustachioed bosses, solve puzzles, and get involved in amusing quests.

Cat Quest often goes unnoticed in the gaming community because it’s hard to spot among thousands of similar games. The developers don’t emphasize in-game purchases, the writers have crafted witty and reference-filled dialogues, and the main storyline can surprise despite the cartoonish atmosphere with cats.


The list could be expanded further, but we don’t want to get lost in the pay-to-win depths of modern mobile gaming. That’s why we had to bypass games like Honkai Impact 3rd, which deserves attention but shamelessly demands money for its very existence, ignoring the milestones of the RPG genre. Don’t forget to leave your favorite games of this genre in the comments!