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Diablo Immortal

Game Genre: Action Role-Playing, Actions, Casual, Multiplayer
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
Game Release Date: 02 June 2022
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Age: 16+
Rating: 90
Downloads: 10000000+

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Blizzard Entertainment’s 2018 debacle with Diablo IV left a lasting impression. What happened? Well, fans were eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo IV. They were counting down the minutes to immerse themselves in the storyline. But instead, they were offered a mobile version – Diablo Immortal. The company couldn’t handle the backlash, and Blizzard’s stocks plummeted. The management decided to lay low.

Finally, some information has emerged that Immortal will be released as a multiplayer role-playing slasher. Gamers will finally be able to team up and battle monsters together. It is already known that the ability to change character appearance will be removed. However, the perception of the game has already been tainted, and what will happen next remains unknown.

Some journalists have already had a chance to try the Immortal beta and have made their conclusion – convenient controls, a pleasant and accessible interface.

And in the end: Diablo IV was officially announced, fans calmed down and eagerly await its release, even coming to terms with Diablo Immortal. So the mobile game has a chance to become quite popular, if its gameplay doesn’t disappoint.

Diablo: Immortal retains all the best traditions of its original. The story is based on events between the second and third parts. The game begins in Wortham, where players have to make their way to the city center through The Forest. Here, they will engage in research and search for fragments of the Worldstone.

Players are given access to six special zones. In these zones, they can encounter interesting monsters, complete quests, and obtain unique loot. Movement is facilitated through the use of Waystone portals located in the game world. Dungeons will be an essential source of loot and knowledge about the game world. Through their exploration, players can familiarize themselves with the main storyline.

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