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The best tank games on PC

Everyone knows the word “tank”, everyone knows what it means, what was its purpose during the war years. Also, everyone knows that games in which there are wars are very loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shooter, survival or even a strategy. But when there are tanks in the game, it means that one of the most popular types of weapons will be tanks. Today we will talk about the best tank games of our time.

World of Tanks

You know, sometimes there is a feeling that I know this game is just everything. All those who have ever played games at least once. In fact, this is not even surprising, since this game is already over 10 years old. It’s impressive. Not every game can be relevant for so long. It is one of the most popular computer games in the history of the industry. And it’s not a gift at all. WoT will plunge you headlong into the amazing world of tanks, you can play on a very large number of tanks of different nations: from ordinary light and medium tanks to anti-tank howitzers and artillery. The game also has a very interesting principle of leveling up tanks, which is very addictive and makes the game very interesting.


Best Tank Games for PCThis game is suitable for those who want to fight on the historical sites of the Second World War. The developers have done a good job and made the game very accurate in terms of historical events. The game looks so that you can not notice how you plunge into the world of war. The picture and technique are made very realistic and look the same as in those days. During the game, you have the opportunity to switch to tanks, infantry or aircraft. This diversifies the gameplay and makes the game more interesting.

War Thunder

Best Tank Games for PC

Also a world famous game that many people love to play. The developers have filled the game with the smallest details. The game is addictive, as there is an opportunity to upgrade and explore completely different types of military equipment: from tanks and infantry to aircraft and ships. The game is very realistic. The developers have made very accurate and complex armor penetration mechanics, for which special thanks must be said. The game is very exciting. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it.

Valkyria Chronicles

Best Tank Games for PC

A game from the developers of Sega, who created the game inspired by the events in Europe during the First World War. Brute force alone is not enough to win this exciting game, you also need to learn how to think tactically. The game was created with anime graphics. Here you are an army officer who leads his units through the entire war. You will have to play very thoughtfully, carefully, so as not to make too many mistakes.

Panzer Corps (parts 1 and 2)

Best Tank Games for PC

Relatively recently, the developers of the first part delighted the audience and fans with the release of the second. The game also takes place during World War II. The developers have slightly improved the multiplayer mode. There was an opportunity to fight together with friends both as allies and enemies. You can also edit a variety of settings and make fights the way you want.

Armored Warfare

Warface.webp" alt="Best Tank Games for PC" width="1920" height="1080" />This game is such a little brother for World of Tanks. The style of the game is very similar, only the battles take place in a more modern world. There are a lot of types of vehicles and equipment in Armored Warface. This, in turn, makes the game very fun. There is also a PVE mode here. In it you can cooperate with friends and fight against bots. That way you can move faster. There is, of course, PVP. Only now there will be no bots and it will be much more difficult to learn to play. In any case, there will always be something to play in Armored Warface. It is worth noting the fact that the developers regularly update the game and add various chips and features.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Best Tank Games for PCHere it can be called such a tank simulator. Although the game features only a few combat vehicles, the bottom line is that the process of controlling a tank is very beautifully displayed by the developers. They also did a great job of painting the tanks both outside and inside. It is not easy to play, but those who really love these games, as well as the fans, will clearly appreciate it.

Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition

Best Tank Games for PCThis game is like a real real action game. You will move a lot on the battlefields, you will have to meet with very frequent explosions. This game will never let you get bored. There are many opportunities in the game, there will always be something to do. You will have to choose a game side, after which you will receive a couple of tanks and then you will be able to conquer the battlefields. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your combat vehicles. In general, the game is definitely worthy of your attention.


Best Tank Games for PCUnlike the previous game, here you will have to think more tactically, as it is very large-scale. The battlefields are very large with different types of terrain and landscape. And military operations in most cases will take place at medium and long distances. Although ARMA 3 is not a stouter tank game at its core, the developers have made sure that you can enjoy very realistic tank battles.

Steel Division 2

Best Tank Games for PCThis game is already more of a strategy. The game takes place on the locations of the Eastern Front during the Second World War. You will lead your own Soviet army and fight Nazi Germany. For Steel Division 2, the developers have created 25 different maps, each of which is a large field for exciting battles. The game also has several modes. It should be noted the multiplayer mode, in which up to 10 people can play on each side. In this game, you can truly get used to the role of an army commander. So it’s definitely worth playing.

Battlefield 4

Best Tank Games for PCThe popular and legendary series of Battlefield games has always pleased its fans and players with a variety of everything: maps, weapons, military equipment, etc. All games in the series have never been boring and uninteresting. Large locations with many players and large-scale combat have always been a pleasure to play. Battlefield 4 is no exception. The game is very dynamic and interesting. You simply will not have time for long reflections. You will need to act immediately. No need to invent different and unnecessary tactics, they will not help you. The game is definitely recommended to everyone.

Heroes & Generals

Best Tank Games for PCThis game will definitely not leave indifferent fans of historical battles. Lots of battles, lots of cars, lots of tanks. Exactly what is needed! You will definitely enjoy the battles in first person mode. No need to think about different tactics and rebuilds, as you won’t need it. Enemies will always appear everywhere. It remains only to have time to destroy everything and everyone on the way to victory. The game is very fun, dynamic and exciting. Many people will like it.

Red Orchestra 2

Best Tank Games for PCThis game with an interesting name, although it is not a tank game, like some on our list, but there will be enough of them here. Red Orchestra 2 features the same pierced armor mechanics as War Thunder, which indicates a good realism of the game. You will definitely have to think strategically and think through all the actions, since at any moment you can meet a dangerous enemy. The game definitely deserves your attention.

Company of Heroes 2

Best Tank Games for PCBut this game is definitely not easy to call. To win here, you will have to work hard, come up with different tactics, movements, etc. Tanks are a separate topic in Company of Heroes 2. They can deal incredible damage to the enemy. Also, the victory of your troops in battle depends on their correct use. It must be used correctly and wisely. Find places to hide, and then shock the enemy with your striking power from ambushes and traps.


OK it’s all over Now. The collection turned out great, what do you think? What can be said in conclusion? Since the time of the First World War, when this type of weapon began to exist, they have always, right up to our times, been and are the most terrible strike force. These incredibly large, steel monsters were feared by everyone. But at the same time, many people who were interested in them were always delighted with them. Now, when we hear something about war, battles, the tank is one of the first associations.

We cannot imagine military battles without tanks. And tank battles, in turn, are incredible, large-scale and exciting battles that do not leave gamers indifferent. For this reason, in the entire history of games, many games have been created dedicated to this type of weapon.

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