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Infinity Kingdom - photo №114911
Infinity Kingdom - photo №114910

Infinity Kingdom

Game Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 02 July 2021
Features: Single-player

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Infinity Kingdom is a cooperative strategy game that tells the story of a brave hero who becomes a king. His mission is to gather his own personal army and embark on a long Journey to resist the Greed Army, which seeks to take everything from him. Players can easily utilize technological upgrades to unlock new weapons and discover secrets.

The gameplay follows its own rules, and even if you lose the crown, it will not disappear in the main game. There are working gift codes that can be exchanged for gems, philosophical stones, resources, strengthening and acceleration stones, or bonuses. To enter the codes, simply click on the avatar, select settings, and choose “Use Sets.”

Now, let us introduce you to the captivating real-time MMO strategy game with an isometric camera position – Infinity Kingdom. Developed by YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD., this game allows you to conquer cities and explore an endless realm. Your task is to defend your territory, known as Norheim, from the malicious enemies who seek to destroy your city. Several years ago, evil gnomes managed to break through the northern defensive wall and continue their invasion. The threat is immense, as they are ready to annihilate everything and everyone in their path. To prevent this catastrophic end, legendary warriors join your ranks, ready to defend the homeland under your leadership. Over 50 immortals come to aid humanity in this monumental war. Devise various tactics, combinations, and strategies to unquestionably triumph and save humanity.

Infinity Kingdom is available on PC, iOS, and Android platforms. While it has been available on mobile devices for several months, its recent release on PC opens up new possibilities. If you are eager to immerse yourself in a spectacular world filled with endless possibilities, this game is definitely worth trying. Install it now and indulge in thrilling battles within this extraordinary gaming universe.

System Requirements


OC: windows 10
RAM: 8192 MB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 4096

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