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Robo Recall - photo №118201
Robo Recall - photo №118201

Robo Recall

Game Release Date: 01 May 2017


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Now it’s time for robots. The world has changed a lot. Robots and other metallic machines do all the work instead of humans. And humans, in turn, constantly rest and only do what they want. Everything would be great, but at one moment, someone tried to hack the robots, which drove the metallic helpers of humanity crazy. A war for the survival of humanity began. Only you can save your race from complete destruction, and you need to do it as quickly as possible. You will have weapons – two guns in both hands.

The graphics in the game are excellent – cartoonish. The developers did a great job on it. The game is also quite dynamic, you definitely won’t be bored. And if you make a mistake somewhere, you will immediately get hit by enemy robots. The game has an open world. Thanks to the excellent engine, there are plenty of opportunities to fight in the game. You can do whatever you want with the robots: tear off their heads and any other limbs, you can even throw them however you like.

Like the previous few projects, “Robo Recall” can be completed in just a couple of hours. The downside is also that the game is quite monotonous, as there are only shootouts. Unfortunately, this quickly becomes boring. But still, the game is fun and interesting. We recommend all VR device owners to give it a try.

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