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images - photo №118197
images - photo №118197


Game Genre: RPG
Game Release Date: 01 Jan 2006
Age: 12+


The browser-based strategic game with RPG elements will captivate you with exciting historical events.

RomeWar is a rare representative of multiplayer projects that allow players to actively participate in the development of the great Roman Empire, fighting against wild Gallic tribes encroaching on your lands.

The majestic path of the Romans begins with choosing one of the 4 available classes: Salian, Princeps, Hastati, and Triarii. Each of them has its own characteristics and abilities useful in defeating the barbarians. The Gauls also have a choice of the same number of archetypes – Belgae, Helvetii, Druids, and Arverni.

The project has been successfully existing for over 10 years, during which it has undergone many changes. The best game mechanics that have proven themselves the best have remained in RomeWar. In addition, developers regularly release updates, adding new features and interesting content. Among the latest innovations, it is worth separately highlighting the intriguing graphic setting, which will please both fans of classics and new players. You can instantly switch between retro-style and new visual style.

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