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star-wars-outlaws-release-date-leaked - photo №118387
star-wars-outlaws-release-date-leaked - photo №118387

Star Wars Outlaws

Game Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Platforms: 37, PC, PlayStation 5
Game Release Date: 01 Jan 1970
Developer: Massive Entertainment, UBISOFT
Features: 41
Age: 38+

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Following the narrative trailer, the developers of Star Wars Outlaws have released another video, unveiling additional story details.

The game’s primary antagonist is Slirro, the galaxy’s elite and leader of the extremely dangerous criminal group Zerek Besh. He has united the bosses of other syndicates to demonstrate his power, suggesting it’s wiser not to obstruct Zerek Besh’s interests. Outlaws chronicles the golden era of the Outer Rim’s criminal factions. Among these groups is the Ashiga clan—a new organization specifically created for Outlaws through close collaboration between Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. The latest trailer introduces another clan within the game, “Blood Dawn.”

It appears there will be five main groups in total—Zerek Besh, Ashiga clan, “Blood Dawn,” Jabba the Hutt’s cartel (the very same), and the Pike syndicate (seen in “The Clone Wars” and “The Book of Boba Fett”).

The protagonist, Kay Vess, will continually interact with these syndicates, earning a reputation among them. The game’s events may lead to enticing offers from the groups or attempts on Kay’s life should she betray any side. Kay’s mentor is Jaylen, a more experienced criminal who sees potential in the protagonist. Jaylen proposes Kay undertake one of the galaxy’s boldest heists for total freedom—but first, she must infiltrate Slirro’s heavily guarded mansion. Unable to pull off the heist alone, Kay embarks on a quest to find the galaxy’s most skilled criminals.

After failing a job, Slirro sends Vail, one of the best bounty hunters, after Kay. Vail likely becomes a significant adversary in gameplay, posing a frequent threat to Kay. The influence of criminal groups will be felt everywhere: from the traders and contracts you take on to the support you receive and access to certain territories.

Star Wars Outlaws is set to release on August 30 (or August 27 for those who purchase the extended edition or subscribe to Ubisoft+), featuring Russian subtitles.

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