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Worms 3

Game Genre: Action, Artillery shooter, Shooter, Strategies
Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS
Game Release Date: 08 Aug 2013
Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited, Team17 Digital
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 10+
Rating: 68
Downloads: 1000000+


Download game Worms 3 Google Play

Many awards and rave reviews from gamers confirm that Worms 3 is an exciting game. Now it is available for Android as well. This amazing strategy game, full of dark humor, will allow you to have a delightful time.

The mobile version has received an addition – using the strategic map, you can change the beginning and end of each stage.

You can collect rewards, which you can later use to acquire silver and even gold cards. With effort and cunning, you can collect 41 villainous cards.

Players are allowed to create a team by applying the new class system to existing worms. Include a heavyweight, scientist, scout, and classic soldier in your team, as they have interesting abilities. Only by trying them out in action can you determine who suits you best.

You can show the world what you are capable of. Such a demonstration promises a reward. An interesting combination of abilities has made it possible to develop worm skills without limitations.

You can participate in asynchronous battles online. You have access to ranked matches and friendly matches. Tournaments will help every gamer showcase their skills. When boasting about your mastery, remember that there is no need to finish the battle in one session. Make your move and use the “Body Count” mode to surpass the results of your comrades.

Fighting in the team modes “Fortress” or “Deathmatch” will help you advance in the rankings. Challenge yourself and unlock the “Body Count” mode to start over from the beginning in case of defeat.

Become the conqueror of 27 single-player missions. You can enjoy 4 themes – “Beach,” “Spooky,” “Farm,” and “Sewer.”

For Android, the developer has come up with various settings that allow you to customize the uniqueness of your Squad.

You will have access to both old and new weapons. Fight and conquer with Android.

You can reach the pinnacle of success, including single-player games and asynchronous online ranking tournaments.

Absolute control, which can now be performed using both a joystick and touch controls.

The delightful menu system will provide every gamer with pleasant emotions. Now you can enjoy a more user-friendly and adapted menu with lightning-fast access to the center for instant updates.

The game requires the “Read_Contacts” permission to quickly find like-minded players for team matches. The game also requires the “Read_Phone_State” permission if the game is used for analytical purposes.

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