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At one time, the game Worms™ Armageddon made a lot of noise among gamers, and 10 years after its release, another project from the developer was presented to the world, which can be purchased on Steam for PC – Worms Reloaded. Although the plot is a funny mess with worms in the lead role, the game is meticulously developed from a technical standpoint and offers its fans a multifunctional entertainment: multiplayer mode, designed for up to 4 people, playing against the computer, voice communication with the team, powerful weapons, exclusive backgrounds with impressive resolution.

Among other significant updates to the project, it is worth mentioning the “Fort” mode, in which players have access to various castles to suit any taste. The innovative landscape editor, updated list of game modes, outfits for the worms, and their voice sets are also noteworthy. Equally captivating is the single player game with comprehensive training. Here you have death matches, puzzles, racing competitions, and other non-standard entertainment. The game itself captivates not only with its plot and tasks, but also with its vibrant visuals, thanks to the use of more powerful software.

The physics of the game has undergone noticeable changes. The game’s artificial intelligence has 7 behavior patterns that differ greatly from each other: ease and recklessness, a true invincible monster, and more. If desired, each player can dig a little deeper into the settings and fully customize the game to their preferences. Anything can be changed: the clothing of team members and even the game levels, which can be created from scratch to play by your own rules with your favorite characters.

What gaming features should you know about?

Variety of single player content

Campaign. You have to play 35 missions on your own to feel like a real professional in the “Warzone” game mode.

“Kill as many as possible!”. Want to prove to your friends that you are the best of the best? Then play as the same worm against enemies with increasing strength. Control your achievements and progress through the leaderboard.

Training. This is not just a game, but serious training that involves 3 stages of shooting at corresponding distances.

Ability to play locally and online

Gather 4 of your friends and enjoy an exciting gameplay experience over a local network without outsiders. The extended functionality is provided by Steamworks technology: automatic downloading of game updates, real-time communication with players and friends, real competitions with results on the leaderboard, and an exclusive achievement scale.

For each game type, the system selects the best players, and statistics are kept, allowing you to compare your achievements with the results of friends and acquaintances at any convenient time.

Global customization

The possibilities for personalizing key characters are almost limitless, as everything can be changed: from voice and hat to the user interface with voice accompaniment.

You can always buy interesting updates: new outfits for the worms, castles, weapons, and many other purchases. This list can hardly be fully reviewed at once. Updates can be purchased with money earned from successfully completed missions in single player mode.

There are over 70 voice variations, 50 of which are from the previous project, and another 20 are created from scratch. The game features both new and old maps, but players are not limited to this set – you can always create your own map.

Level editor update

In the new format landscape editor, you can now build bridges and load entire levels created by yourself into the game. Playing with friends in your own creation is very interesting, isn’t it? You can set respawn points at your discretion and even develop game modes from scratch. Vertical maps allow you to fight opponents at new heights. The environment editor allows you to transform and enhance the gameplay at any convenient moment.

Combat weapons and tools

You have about 47 weapons at your disposal, including familiar and beloved guns from Worms. The developers have also added really cool upgrades to the list, with names like Donkey, Napalm Strike, Turret, Holy Hand Grenade, Poisonous Air Strike, and much more.

Game modes

Do you like classic game modes? That’s good, and among the updated versions, there are some worth paying attention to: “Bazooka and Grenade”, “Fort”, “Containers”, “Shopper”. But that’s not all, because you can create as many of your own game modes as you like.

New graphics

Stunning views that can be enjoyed on widescreen monitors, as well as an abundance of graphic masterpieces for every taste. The art is similar to the pictures from the first part, but looks much more impressive.

Adapted functionality for PC

Worms Reloaded can be launched on any modern Windows operating system. Each player can customize weapons and tools to their liking. Effective interaction with USB gamepads.


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