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Worms Revolution - photo №112670

Worms Revolution



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Worms Revolution is not just a classic strategy game. It is the latest game in the series, which makes it unique. Gamers can expect new options, 3D graphics, single-player and multiplayer features. You can play Worms Revolution alone or as part of a professional team. For the first time, the game features dynamic water, worm classes, and physical objects. You can choose not only the worm class you want to play as but also the voice tone. Pretty cool, right?

Worms Revolution is a powerful explosion that brings worms into the leaders of the 21st century.

Key Features

You can choose from 4 classes – soldier, scout, heavy, and scientist. Gamers have the opportunity to unlock up to 16 worms – 4 of each class. With them, you can already form your own teams. Battles can be fought with worms of any class.

You can customize your worms with hats, glasses, mustaches, and many other items. Even various trinkets are now available.

You have access to a comprehensive single-player mode. But you won’t get bored even here, as there are 32 missions and 20 puzzles waiting for you. Interesting, isn’t it?

By activating the level mode, you gain new opportunities for battles and victories for your worms.

Brand new locations such as “Beach,” “Sewers,” “Farm,” and “Spooky.” Fight until the end on any of them.

Tired of playing alone? Join collective battles. The maximum number of participants is 4.

You can choose one of 3 modes – “Deathmatch,” “Fortress,” or “Classic,” each of which is wonderful in its own way.

A significant innovation now available to you is dynamic water. It is widely used in innovative weapons. Dynamic water is also present on the terrain during battles.

Objects that explode are based on the laws of physics. These are usually destructive objects – when they explode, they destroy various objects, thereby releasing fire, water, and poison. Watch this and be inspired by your achievements.

You now have access to new and classic weapons. You can wash away worms with water using a water bomb, water pistol, or water strike. The “Plug” tool helps drain dynamic water, and “Stop ‘n’ Swop” helps steal your opponent’s inventory. The game also features a “Monkey Wrench,” which is used to repair turrets and physical objects.

An interesting fact remains that Worms Revolution combines two comedy legends, bringing the comedic world of Worms to life in a new way. The series has won numerous BAFTA awards.

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