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Modder Adds Your Cat to the Game Stray. But It’s Not Free.

Stray on PC has become a unique phenomenon — based on user ratings, it is currently the best game of 2022. Moreover, according to SteamDB statistics, the number of simultaneous players at its peak exceeded 60,000. For a niche single-player game, this is indeed a remarkable achievement.

The developers created the main character of Stray based on a real cat owned by one of the studio’s co-founders. However, if you’re looking for variety (or simply don’t like the ginger color), you can already find a plethora of different cats to your liking on the Nexus Mods website.

What’s more, a modder named NorskPL creates custom mods featuring users’ favorite feline companions. However, since he is far from philanthropic, he undertakes this endeavor not entirely selflessly, but for a fee. Nonetheless, this doesn’t deter Stray fans — the modder has so much work that he even had to suspend new orders until August 15.

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