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Stray Happy Puppy: play as a dog in Stray

Stray is already recognized as the most popular game on Steam in 2022. Many modders have even already made mods for it, remember, the game was released only on July 19. Mod Chris Rubino created a version where the red cat (the main character) is changed to a black and white French bulldog.

The cat’s meow has been REPLACED with a dog’s bark and the character’s look is better, suitable for those who like dogs more than cats. Although the mod is made well, but still others will perceive the character as a cat.

To download the mod Stray Happy Puppy with the French bulldog skin, click on the link “Source” to go to the official developer’s website. To install the mod, you need to download and unpack it at: Stray/Hk_project/Content/Paks.

The post has been updated 09.11.2023 19:47. There is new relevant information.
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