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Vikings War of Clans codes April 2024 – Vikings code and promotional code, where to enter Vikings gift code

Vikings War of Clans is a real-time multiplayer game that takes you back to Scandinavian times. You will develop your “army”, character, settlement. But all this requires a lot of in-game resources…

In order not to get bored with the extraction of all these resources, use the promotional codes from this page. They will allow you to significantly speed up the leveling process and improve the results of campaigns and attacks.

Promo codes for Vikings War of Clans

Here is a list of the most relevant exchange codes for obtaining resources:

  • Fr15Iuadgol – 160,000 gold
  • Ec25ocadsto – 350,000 stone
  • 8IL1X9X66 – promo code for gold
  • Cd25foadfoo – 150 dishes
  • 5P40M9VS8 – code for food, wood, metal, stones and silver
  • 8XTP24G83 – code for experience
  • Re25kvadwoo – 550 trees
  • Fk50kradsil – 700 thousand units of silver
  • Fc25iradiro – 850,000 iron

Our list is constantly kept up to date. Stay tuned!

How to use the exchange code in Vikings War of Clans

To activate the code:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on “Menu” at the bottom right.
  3. Open Promo Codes.
  4. Enter the exchange code in the field.
  5. Activate the bonus!
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