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Ode To Heroes codes April 2024

Ode To Heroes is a role-playing adventure game. It is made in the style of classic products presented in the gaming industry. It uses isometric camera. The game has a cooperative mode, where four users can play. The game’s plot will tell about the troubled lands, they are inhabited by monsters, as well as bandits. The player will have to resist evil by becoming a true hero. All locations to be cleared. For killing potential enemies the player will be given experience points.

The game has an extensive class system, which allows the player to choose the most suitable character. To date, there is an up-to-date list of codes. These can be exchanged for recruitment letters, coins or jade shells. The codes are entered as follows: you have to click on the avatar, selecting the exchange code option.

Working codes: QQC178 – allows you to get 1 recruitment letter, 200 shells and 50, 000 coins.

Obsolete codes:

Qiurihaoli – Contains 300 jade shells and 50 hero fragments 5*;
Yiyezhiqiu –
fulidd0721 – you can get 300 shells and 50 fragments of star heroes;
xrhl0715 – gives 500 shells and 5 scrolls;
zongzi0612 – by activating this code you can get a reward;
xuyuancg – Activate this code to get reward;
znyn0606 – Activating this code will get you the reward;
hayoye0521 – you can get 300 shells and other valuable rewards;
lixia0505 – gives 1,000 shells and 5 scrolls;
fangjiala – gives 500 shells and 5 scrolls;
guyu0420 – can get 500 shells and 5 scrolls;
siyueweixia – gives 500,000 coins, 1,000 purple currency and 300 premium currency;
xuanniao0320 – gives 500 shells and 5 scrolls;
meixiangdaoba – you can get 300 shells and other valuable rewards;
tangyuan0226 – gives 5 recruitment letters and 500 shells.

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