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Google Updates Chrome: How Will Manifest V3 Affect Ad Blockers?

Major Changes in Chrome: Restrictions for Ad Blockers on the Horizon

Google has announced a significant update for the Chrome browser that could drastically impact the use of ad blockers. The update involves the implementation of Manifest V3, a new extension format that will impose new limits on their capabilities.

Manifest V3: Fewer Rules, More Questions

Under this new extension format, the number of rules and filters that can be applied to web pages will be strictly limited. This means popular ad blockers like uBlock Origin, which rely on hundreds of thousands of filters, will need to dramatically reduce their rule set โ€” down to 30,000.

uBlock Light: A Limited Alternative

Developers of uBlock Origin have already announced support for the updated Chrome, but this will only be possible with a stripped-down version of the extension โ€” uBlock Light. It will offer users a reduced set of features compared to the full version.

Firefox and Manifest V3: Support without Limits

In contrast to Google, the Mozilla Firefox team has confirmed support for Manifest V3 but plans not to limit extension developers in the number of filtering rules. This could become a significant advantage for Firefox among users who prefer effective ad-blocking tools.

What Does This Mean for Users?

  • Limitations in Chrome could decrease the effectiveness of ad blockers.
  • uBlock Light will become the primary tool for Chrome users seeking alternatives.
  • Firefox may gain users due to its more lenient policy towards extensions.

The relevance of these changes is expected to grow as we approach June 2024, when the full implementation of the new rules is anticipated. Users and developers should pay close attention to updates and prepare for the upcoming transformations in the world of internet browsing.

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