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Sons Of The Forest update for 17 August 2023 (Patch 09)

Are you tired of encountering bugs and glitches while immersing yourself in your favorite game? Do you wish there was an easy way to elevate your gameplay with new features and improvements? Look no further! Our latest patch is here to address your gaming concerns, ensuring a smoother, more exciting experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

Discover What’s New:

  1. Introducing a New Challenge: Ever faced an overwhelming enemy horde? Our patch brings you a formidable new adversary—the large female cannibal type. Brace yourself for intense encounters and a fresh level of thrill.
  2. Endgame Adventure Continues: An old foe returns to test your skills in the endgame. Prepare to face this creature once again, armed with the knowledge and experience you’ve gained throughout your journey.
  3. Radio Revolution: Tired of feeling isolated in the wilderness? Now, you can place radios after picking them up. Plus, with the new radio alarm trap, you’ll receive alerts when enemies draw near, enhancing your awareness and strategic gameplay.
  4. Explosive Action: Feel the satisfaction of obliterating creepy enemies with our new explosive feature. Unleash your inner pyrotechnic enthusiast as you send these foes into a spectacular burst of chaos.
  5. Optimized Base Performance: If you’ve been struggling with performance issues in your massive bases, worry no more. We’ve conducted a comprehensive optimization pass to ensure that even the largest bases run seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the heart of the game.

Unveiling Enhanced Gameplay:

  • Customize Your Inventory Experience: We believe in catering to your preferences. Adjust the speed at which your inventory camera pans, tilts, and pivots through a simple control option, putting you in command of your gameplay style.
  • Efficiency in Building: Streamline your construction process with the new “batch place” input. Holding the left shift key (or left stick with a gamepad) while placing blueprints saves you time, allowing for rapid placement without navigating through menus.
  • Immersive Environment: Immerse yourself in a more lifelike world. Ducks now land on the ground and roam, adding realism to environments like the golf course.
  • Seamless Interaction: Interacting with your environment is now smoother than ever. Night Vision goggles and the rebreather can be toggled with a hotkey for quick, seamless transitions.

Empower Your Gaming Journey:

With our meticulously crafted patch, your gaming adventure will reach new heights of excitement and immersion. Say goodbye to frustrating bugs and hello to dynamic features that redefine your gameplay.

As always, your feedback matters. Feel free to share your bug reports and insights on the Discussions area of the Community Hub. Your input drives us to continuously enhance your gaming experience.

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20 Juneee 2023 updated once again, adding and fixing some changes, you can read about them above. And you do not forget to follow the updates of the game on our site, as well as the game has: