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Bloodhunt: How to play as a saboteur.

A Saboteur from the Nosferatu clan, the clan is known for its strong attacks against opponents. All members of the clan can move quickly like shadows and protect themselves and their allies.

Additionally, they utilize modern technology, such as gas traps, allowing them to attack opponents from a distance and eliminate enemies before they notice us.

Saboteur’s Abilities in Bloodhunt

  • 1 Active ability – Sewage Bomb (Archetype Power). A trap bomb that explodes and releases toxic gas, damaging the enemy and reducing visibility.
  • 2 Active ability – Vanish (Clan Power). Makes you invisible to the enemy and increases movement speed.
  • 3 Passive ability – Unseen Passage. A unique ability that allows you to disappear from the enemy’s sight and those around you when crouching.

How to Play as the Character Saboteur?

The Saboteur, one of our favorite heroes, thanks to his abilities, can always return to the game. It’s best to play from the edge of the zone and move towards the center. Thanks to the passive ability, you can remain unnoticed and easily pursue or eliminate the enemy from a distance.

Frequently use abilities, for example, traps, which can be thrown both on the hero and under yourself. You won’t take damage from the gas, but the opponent will. You should throw traps on rare weapons or the enemy’s movement ahead, allowing you to inflict periodic damage on them.

If things are going extremely badly, you can simply vanish and leave the battlefield. However, don’t let go of the opponent, even if they seem stronger. We have 3 active traps in our arsenal; after that, they start replacing the earliest ones with the latest ones.

Thanks to invisibility, many players stay in the zone and then simply sit in invisibility inside the circle, waiting for the top players to shoot each other, and then they come out and start finishing off the wounded opponents.

However, it’s important to understand that our ability provides invisibility but not 100% invisibility; we can still be seen if the enemy is looking at us. It’s like being a transparent hero that can be seen.

Therefore, it’s best to hide in bushes or dark places where the hero won’t be immediately spotted.

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