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Free CS2 or improved Prime Status.

The game is available for free, and it’s a full version. Players can expect a Hell-like experience, filled with endless cheaters, but they are absent in the competitive mode. Prime status owners can play with players having the same account status. The Prime status represents a game enhancement available to all players. Thanks to numerous privileges of the Prime status, a player can enjoy various gifts, souvenirs, events, and the like.

The development team is continually working on enhancing the game, ensuring every player has a fun and fulfilling experience. The game’s development company promises to gift players with bonuses and souvenirs if they purchase the Prime status. It’s worth noting that Prime account holders can access exclusive souvenirs, items, drops, and similar perks. You can reach rank 21 and link your phone number to the store account or buy this upgrade within the game or through the store. When purchasing the status, the account won’t lose any player data; instead, it will gain privileges.

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