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Guide: How to Rent Skins in Counter-Strike 2

Renting skins in Counter-Strike 2 offers a unique opportunity to use rare and stylish skins without a significant investment. This guide will show you how to rent skins, explore available options, and understand rental terms.

How to Rent Skins in CS2

As of February 2024, the “Kilowatt” collection is available for skin rental in the game. Here’s how to rent skins:

  1. Purchase a “Kilowatt” Case:
    • Cases are available directly in-game or through specialized market platforms.
    • Each case contains skins from the “Kilowatt” collection.
  2. Acquire a Key for the Case:
    • A key, costing $2.50, is required to access the contents of the case.
  3. Open the Case:
    • Locate the “Kilowatt” case in your inventory.
    • Select “Open Container” and then activate the “Rent” option.
  4. Use the Skins:
    • After opening the case and activating the rental option, 17 skins from the “Kilowatt” collection will be available in your inventory for use in any game mode (excluding the Kukri knife).

Benefits of Renting Skins

  • Cost-Effective: Use expensive skins for a nominal fee.
  • Variety: Regularly change the appearance of weapons and gear without significant expenses.
  • Access to Rarity: Temporarily enjoy using sought-after rare skins.

Rental Duration

Skins are available for rent for up to 7 days. To extend the rental period, you’ll need to repeat the steps outlined above.

Important: Rented skins cannot be modified (stickers, name tags, StatTrak kill counter, etc.).

Available Skins for Rent in CS2

Currently, you can rent the following skins from the “Kilowatt” collection:

  • Dual Berettas | Shelter
  • MAC-10 | Light Box
  • Nova | Dark Print
  • SSG 08 | Disaster
  • Tec-9 | Slag
  • and others.


Renting skins in Counter-Strike 2 is a simple and accessible way to try various skins without the need to purchase them. Follow our guide to effectively utilize this feature and enhance your gaming experience.

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