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Dragon’s Dogma 2: 10 new mechanics, 5 major problems

Dragon’s Dogma 2, a Capcom creation, is in the running for the title of Game of the Year 2024, despite mixed reviews at launch. Criticism has focused on monetization and optimization, but that doesn’t detract from the project’s merits. Keeping the spirit of the first installment and borrowing elements from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Monster Hunter and Elden Ring, the game comes across as monumental and unique.

The first Dragon’s Dogma installment, conceived by Hideaki Itsuno in 2000, was released in 2012 after a long development on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but failed to fully realize its creators’ ambitions. The sequel seeks to fill that gap by improving gameplay and enriching the world.

10 new mechanics

  • Graphics: Dragon’s Dogma 2 shines on the RE Engine, offering gorgeous locations and characters.
  • World: The game’s open world is filled with danger and adventure that demands exploration and attention.
  • Characters: A flexible character editor allows you to create a unique hero.
  • Setting: A game world filled with scenic locations and deep setting invites you to explore.
  • Monsters: Encounters with unique monsters and bosses promise intense battles.
  • Pawns: The NPC helper system enriches gameplay by offering assistance in combat and exploration.
  • Combat System: An elaborate and dynamic combat system makes every encounter a pleasure.
  • Exploration: A world full of secrets and discoveries stimulates adventure.
  • Quests: The variety of quests with time limits and mysterious conditions is fascinating.
  • Locations: The impressive world design invites you to explore every corner of the world.

5 Problems

  • Optimization: Performance issues on PC and consoles overshadow the game.
  • Plot: Despite a fascinating world, the main plot can feel secondary.
  • Monetization: The unobtrusive but controversial monetization system has sparked debate among players.
  • Replayability: For veterans of the first installment, innovative moments may be lacking.
  • Exploration: Backtracking and limited means of fast travel can get tiring.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a game with great potential and unique ideas, capable of providing an unforgettable experience for those willing to forgive its current flaws.

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