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Shocking Cosplay: Jill Valentine without clothes

MCroft07 is truly one-of-a-kind! This streamer has mastered the art of body painting and crafted a stunning cosplay of Jill Valentine without using a single piece of fabric! All she needed was paint and her own nude body. The streamer unveiled a video that is sure to make the hearts of Resident Evil fans race.

Shocking Cosplay: Jill Valentine without clothes → photo 14 Shocking Cosplay: Jill Valentine without clothes → photo 15

Russian models Victoria “torie” Kot and Irina “ashenReina” Shtolz also attempted to create a cosplay of Jill and Claire from Resident Evil, but they used shirts to accentuate their figures. However, MCroft07 didn’t settle for such a modest success—she aimed to outdo them all and create a true masterpiece.

MCroft07’s video will show you how a typical cosplay can transform into something more than just a game. She has turned herself into the real-life Jill Valentine, straight out of a comic book. Don’t miss the chance to witness this jaw-dropping video and immerse yourself in the world of Resident Evil.

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