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Standoff 2

Promo codes for Standoff 2 (November 2023)

Post date: 06 Nov 2023
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Post date: 06 Nov 2023
230254 2
Article language:
ru en uk

Our site gives you the opportunity to work promo codes for Standoff 2 (*for the latest version of the game 0.19.0 from 2022), which means that here will be published not only promo codes from developers, but also those that publish other forums, sites. Using promo codes on your phone, you get the opportunity to get free skins, knives, weapons or gold (Gold) in the game.

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What is a Standoff 2 promo code and what they are needed for

Promocodes in the game are a kind of cheats, hacks and add-ons that open the possibility to get an expensive weapon or a skin on it, additional gold and credits. It is important that the developers will not block you for these codes, but on the contrary, they are ready to encourage players. Codes new to the game appear during the events.

Developers allow players to get N number of goals, skins and additional features using the usual promo code. Initially they were added to different bloggers to give them to their subscribers and lure them into the game.

The team of our website tries to find fresh working Standoff 2 developer promo codes and other promo codes for bloggers on different resources, constantly updating the list and adding them on this page. If you want to get gold and a cool skin, it’s time to use the code in the game.

New codes and knives

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  • RN9A-Kunai-XBE11-TRU5 (kunai)
  • BFT-5SEKRE-TFREE234D44 (butterfly knife)
  • RN7A-Starfall-XBE1-TRU3 (kerambit)

New promo codes for Gold (Gold)

  • QKNGHNZAFXN34 (1000 credits)
  • QKNGHNZAFXN37 (199 golds)
  • QDLXyFpTNzX (500 credits)

Current promo codes for weapon skins

  • hf6xArtPawd-4
  • k7ncPSWTd7h

On the rotation of the drum

  • GG-31PS5-K34Z

On the free case

  • eFzImkLNPU3
  • WI9ur8ysGDR-fxKco

Valid working promo codes from Standoff 2 developers

Promo codes posted in many places, but our team tries to check all the official accounts of developers in the social networks. Everyone is subscribed to them, follow the updates and every few weeks as there are new codes, we post about them.

Where do I enter the codes in the game?

In the game Standoff 2, you can enter a promo code, after you log in to the game under your account. Then you need to go to the “store” and the tab “Promotion Code”. Then enter the working promo code and get the long-awaited prize.

If after entering the code nothing happened, then the code is no longer relevant. Most often, the codes are valid for some time, or for a certain amount of use. If you found a bad code, write us in the comments, we will remove it from the post.

We will often update Standoff 2 promo codes, and next time you will have time to get a cool skin or some gold for free.

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