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What are the gloves in CSGO

Expert’s Answer

What are the gloves in CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has several different gloves that can be purchased in-game and used in your matches. Gloves in CS:GO differ in their appearance and design, and do not affect the game parameters or characteristics of your character. They are simply part of your inventory and can be shown by your character during gameplay.

Listed below are some of the gloves that can be found in CS:GO:

  • Gloves Kilt
  • Gloves Sports
  • Gloves fan
  • Gloves Vintage Legacy
  • Gloves Santheizer
  • Gloves General
  • Gloves Sheriff
  • Gloves Showman
  • Gloves Parasite
  • Gloves Dawn

This is not a complete list of all gloves that can be found in CS:GO, and new gloves may be added to the game with an update.