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left-for-dead-survivor-buttonjpg-dcfc4a - photo №118180
left-for-dead-survivor-buttonjpg-dcfc4a - photo №118180

Left 4 Dead: Survivors

Game Release Date: 31 Dec 2014
Age: 14+


Valve, in collaboration with a Japanese company, has launched a new game called Left 4 Dead: Survivors as an experiment. The game is not completely new, but rather an updated version with unique built-in features. The new version of the game will combine old traditions and innovations, which will change the gameplay experience. This fact is proven in the presented trailer, showcasing numerous improvements compared to the old computer version.

The game will feature 4 main characters, just like in the old version. The only changes will be in the appearance of the heroes, as they will be portrayed as Japanese. One of the male characters will be a bartender, while the other will be a soldier. Two female characters will be a tour guide and a young schoolgirl.

It is best to become a player of the original version of Left 4 Dead 2. It is highly unlikely that the new creation of these two developer companies will be seen anytime soon.

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