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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - photo โ„–24217
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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - photo โ„–24219
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - photo โ„–24216

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Game Genre: Action, Indie
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 30 Aug 2019
Developer: Alligator Pit, Croteam


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Users now have access to the Russian version of Serious Sam Classics: Revolution, which is included in update 1.03. In addition to the interface, dialogs, and other elements, the dialogues have been translated. The exception is Bright Islands, where Russian subtitles are still present.

Visual issues have also been fixed. The weapon field of view bug has been corrected, meaning that the weapon will no longer be positioned closer to the camera than it should be in widescreen resolution. The issue with the RAPTOR sniper rifle field of view has been resolved, so the game will no longer revert to default fields of view when the sniper rifle is equipped. For the versus mode, the game now uses the correct scoreboard to display kills, points, and deaths instead of forcing the player to look at NETRICSA for detailed match information.

System Requirements


OC: Windows XP
Processor: AMD Athlon 650MHz or Pentium III 650MHz range processor
Videocard: OpenGL 1.1 compliant
Disk space: 2048


OC: Windows 7
RAM: 2048 MB RAM
Videocard: OpenGL 3.0 compliant
Disk space: 2048

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