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Real figures of Call of Duty online in 2024

Real figures of Call of Duty online. This is very strange information, but they opened a video game museum in Spain. And there is an online counter of Call of Duty players in it. The museum administration said that Activision gave them the information.

It’s super weird, because the company itself hasn’t shown their games online in about 10 years.

At the time of the photo, the numbers were as follows:

Warzone 2.0 – 424 thousand
MWII – 184 thousand
COD Mobile – 406 thousand

I wouldn’t believe this data, but if you discuss it, it’s not bad considering the recession. But I still think that some fake, no one numbers do not give, but the museum in Spain gave.

What do you think?

The post has been updated 01.11.2023 12:11. There is new relevant information.
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