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Aleksib Highlights from Finnish Podcast Interview

In a recent deep-dive on the esports scene, Aleksib shared candid insights in a Finnish podcast. Here’s a distilled recap of the key takeaways:

  • NAVI’s Stance: Content with their CS2 Journey, NAVI is eyeing a future chock-full of training. Upcoming months are earmarked for fun-filled bootcamps, with a unified vision on work ethics.
  • G2’s Hurdle: Aleksib pinpoints role distribution and communication breakdown as the main hitches during his tenure with G2.
  • NiKo’s Alleged Disdain: Dispelling rumors, he affirms a solid rapport with NiKo and other G2 comrades.
  • Friction in NIP: Admitted to pre-existing tensions before his entry into NIP, suggesting deep-Rooted issues beyond mere roster changes.
  • s1mple’s Prowess: Acknowledges s1mple as the premier veteran sniper he’s teamed with since allu in ENCE, even hailing him as the GOAT of CS:GO.
  • CS2’s Flipside: While CS2 boasts improved aesthetics, Aleksib voices dissatisfaction over frequent updates, like jumpthrow tweaks, and misses certain console commands and 128-tick servers.
  • Valve’s Rush: Critiques Valve for hastening CS2’s release after a decade of polishing CS:GO.
  • Gaming Nostalgia: Reveals a hiatus from GTA titles post-San Andreas.
  • 9INE’s Rise: Points out the ripe moment for many players to make a comeback or breakthrough, citing 9INE as an example.
  • OG and HAVU/ENCE: His international favorite is OG for its vibe, with a nod to HAVU/ENCE as the Finnish preference.
  • Reflecting on OG: Reminisces the positive atmosphere in OG, regrets that the pandemic curtailed the team’s potential.

Note: These excerpts provide a glimpse into the strategic mindscape of a top-tier CS:GO professional, offering fans and players alike a peek into the competitive high-stakes world of esports.

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