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Counter-Strike 2 review. The game is too raw. Many bugs

Counter-Strike 2, despite bearing the number “two” in its title, can hardly be called a full sequel. Instead, Valve has essentially updated the classic shooter by transitioning it to a more modern engine. This move has elicited mixed reactions from the community: on one hand, the game has gained new features and improvements, but on the other, the new engine’s problems and gameplay changes have not pleased everyone.

Many fans have expressed discontent, reminiscent of the situation when Dota 2 moved to a new engine, losing access to CS:GO and comparing the current situation unfavorably. Although such steps by Valve provoke criticism, they lead to the game’s renewal and adaptation to modern technological standards. Changes in Counter-Strike 2 have affected both visuals and gameplay, with many new features receiving a mixed reception. For example, improved lighting and physics have added realism to the game, but at the same time, the new grenade system and the removal of “skyboxes” have significantly altered player strategies.

Server issues, sound design, bugs, and the presence of cheaters – all these aspects tarnish the gaming experience. However, Counter-Strike 2 also introduced positive elements like the integration of progress from CS:GO, the new Premier game mode, and an updated user interface. These developments indicate that the developers are striving to keep pace with the times, incorporating the best of contemporary gaming trends.

Thus, the release of Counter-Strike 2 has left mixed feelings. On one hand, it represents a step forward in terms of technology and innovation; on the other, there are many teething problems and unresolved issues. Fans can only hope that Valve, following its tradition, will perfect the game just as it did with CS:GO. Giving the developers time might just yield a worthy continuation of the legendary series.

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