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Chaos Chronicles is an impressive game, many challenges and adventures await the users. We have prepared tips for passing the game without hassle.

Zapredelje, what is it?

Zapland is available to the player after the entire team reaches level 25. It’s a game mode in which the most important thing is to defeat one of the three bosses. They regularly alternate, according to the rules of the game mode. The more pumped the character, the greater will be the initial stage of the forbidden. It is important to know that to fight the boss the user can assemble his team of one to five people. With a strong team such a battle will take 2-3 minutes. It’s also important to know which of the three bosses will be.

Bosses Schedule

Monday, Thursday and Sunday are the days of “Brogue the Conqueror” boss. The best solution would be to fight against him with magic heroes. Long-range and close-quarters combat will not suit him.
But on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday you can meet “Illisa the Weaver”. He’s also not suited for short range combat, so you’ll be at an advantage if you choose characters that fight at long range. You shouldn’t use magical heroes.
“Vajar the sizzler is not like the others. It is better to use melee fighters for him. It is not worth giving ranged characters and sorcerers a chance.

It is worth noting that on Sunday the player will be able to choose the boss against which to fight. There are 3 attempts, some use them for one, others choose one fight with each.

Chests in Zapredelje.

One thing to know is that after fighting a boss and defeating it, the team and each player can open one chest for free. Inside can be all sorts of game resources. Subsequent chests can be opened for emeralds, from 90 to 150. At the same time there is no limit on the number of chests open.

The main characteristics of the characters can be changed by the appearance stones, they are very important in the game. The more improvements to the hero, the more powerful he is in battle.

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Chaos Chronicles is an ambiguous and unusual game, with a large combat system. The complexity of team selection forces players to think. In combat you have to build complex tactics, for this you also have to think.

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