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Era of Celestials is a game where you initially choose a character and then engage in battles. The project offers a wide range of possibilities. The objective of the game is to defeat an army of opponents. We have prepared some secrets for a more comfortable and successful gaming experience.

Combat Tips and Features

When starting the game, you need to choose one of three classes (archer, master of magic, classic warrior). Each class has distinct abilities and skills, and numerous characteristics and items can be upgraded. This makes each character unique. Crystals and rubies are the currency that also enhances abilities. Using cheat codes can make playing even more enjoyable.

The game’s plot begins with an attack by enemies. Starting from the safest place, the gate, it’s important to find powerful warriors to aid in battle.

Variety of Heroes

Each character is different from the others in some way. They are all unique, and making a choice won’t be easy. In a special mode, a hero can adopt all the characteristics of different classes. Warriors are better suited for close combat, while mages prefer long-range combat, using spells and magic. Archers also engage in long-range combat, so it’s best to improve the accuracy skills of these characters. Therefore, it’s important to know all the characteristics of all the characters to build a tactical game plan.


First, choose your hero class, and then immerse yourself in the fantastical world. Here, you will engage in battles with bosses, demons, and other characters. You can also engage in farming and various everyday tasks in the game.

So, your hero class is chosen. After that, your journey begins in an open, fantastical world. This world is filled with battles against demons, bosses, and even other players, so you should constantly improve your abilities.

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Sounds and Graphics

Exciting 3D graphics and various special effects, detailed characters. These aspects are especially important for online game enthusiasts.

Game Hacks

You need to download a hacked version of the game where you can obtain various resources using cheat codes. The most basic codes for resources are:

  1. Gold resources – 06R83AC5O.
  2. Ruby resources – 7SRY6393P.
  3. Diamond resources – A8BR0J722.
  4. The code HC5TGA3O-17 disables ads, which is important.

Keep an eye on news in the game’s social media groups, as there are opportunities to receive gift codes on holidays.

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