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Escape from Tarkov: Arena latest working codes July 2024

Coming Soon to the Game: Escape from Tarkov’s Arena

Gamers, take note! Escape from Tarkov: Arena is set to launch its servers in early December. Those who have pre-ordered Arena or own the ultimate edition of Escape from Tarkov, prepare for the rollout β€” access to the game will be granted in waves.

What’s New in Escape from Tarkov?

  • Expansion of the “Streets of Tarkov” location with new points of interest.
  • Meet the “BTR-Taxi” and the new boss Kollontai.
  • Innovations in the armor system: now featuring realistic armor plates.
  • New location “Epicenter” accessible to players up to level 15 and to scavs without restrictions.
  • Enhanced gameplay with the “obstacle overcoming” system.
  • Updated recoil mechanics for even more realistic combat experiences.
  • Achievements system for the most dedicated players.

Gifts and Promo Codes

Don’t miss out on the festive patch and exclusive promo codes presented at the showcase. Activate them through the launcher and enhance your gaming arsenal!

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