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Gems of War secrets and tricks 2024

Bright game Gems of War from which it is difficult to break away. The game plot is so interesting, unlike other games. It requires not only the ability to fight, but also to think logically to come to victory.

The plot .

Interesting, simple plot. The game is in the form of a puzzle. The essence of the plot – there are several kingdoms in which it is necessary to pass the quests.


The game is easy, but it is necessary to constantly think through your actions on the front. The point is that you need to collect similar crystals in the amount of 3-5 pieces, and only then will the Squad fighters can get mana and can do spells. And if instead of crystals collect shards, they will explode and the enemy will be damaged. Collecting four or more crystals will give the player an extra turn.

Gems of War Kingdoms.

There are over 20 different kingdoms on the game map, each with 13 quests. After completing the quest, the user receives money, souls, and traitstones. Territory of the kingdom must be improved and for this the player gets a good income and bonuses. After opening a kingdom, the player gets a banner or a banner.

Craft System

The main character during the game can increase his level, but unfortunately the squad does not have such abilities. Therefore, the user needs to remember to go to the Troops tab and create an improved squad.

Mining Features
Resources. In order to acquire resources it is necessary to raise necessarily the difficulty level of the game.
Souls. They are needed to improve the qualities of warriors. You can earn them in Challenges.
Crystals. You can get them in the Guild after the player completes special tasks. A small amount of crystals is obtained together with the rent.
Gold. You can get it in PvP or in battle.
Fame. It is earned in PvP or in a treasure hunt.
Gems of War Guild.

The first thing to do is join the Guild. The sooner a player joins, the sooner they will receive bonuses. Do not forget about the Guild.


Alas, but PvP in the game almost nonexistent. Because the player is not at war with other players, and assembled his own team.


The game of course there are donates, but they do not bring the user discomfort. Since it is possible to achieve a lot in this game without money, but it takes time.

A few tips

It is worth to pay attention to the following:

Most importantly, the player must join the Guild.
Glory should not be spent on chests, and it is more profitable to spend in the store.

Gems of War is a terrific game that will allow you to spend a few hours of free time in a pleasant and unforgettable way.

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