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Slayers Unleashed is a dynamic game developed in the genre of comics. The main resource here is ink, and the author is experiencing a crisis of ideas, which will help him cope with the main player. All levels are generated, so you have to explore the world, which each time will be like a new one. Along the way, the player must collect many items by unlocking improvements. The story campaign has three chapters, which contain sub-chapters. The hero can use different weapons and equipment. In addition to the standard difficulty levels there are many others.

Working codes

;code icybreath1
;code icybreath2
;code icybreath3
;code icybreath4
;code icybreath5

;code icydemon1

;code icydemon2

;code icydemon3

;code icydemon4

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;code icydemon5

;code icyclan1
;code icyclan2
;code icyclan3
;code icyclan4
;code icyclan5
Reset statistics
;code pointsgobrr1
;code pointsgobrr2
;code pointsgobrr3
Reset nichirin
;code icynichirin1
;code icynichirin2
;code icynichirin3
;code icynichirin4
;code icynichirin5
Obsolete codes
;code sunclan1
;code sunclan2
;code sunclan3
;code sunclan4
;code sunbda01
;code sunbda02
;code sunbda03
;code sunbda04
;code sunbda05
;code sunclan5
;code sunbreath1
;code sunbreath2
;code sunbreath3
;code sunbreath4
;code sunbreath5
;code breathrolz01
;code breathrolz02
;code breathrolz03
;code breathrolz04
;code breathrolz05
;code breathrolz06
;code breathrolz07
;code breathrolz08
;code breathrolz09
;code breathrolz10
;code breathrolz11
;code breathrolz12
;code breathrolz13
;code breathrolz14
;code breathrolz15
;code breathrolz16
;code breathrolz17
;code breathrolz18
;code breathrolz19
;code breathrolz20
;code breathrolz21
;code breathrolz22
;code breathrolz23
;code breathrolz24
;code breathrolz25
;code 1milbda01
;code 1milbda02
;code 1milbda03
;code 1milbda04
;code 1milbda05
;code 1milbda06
;code 1milbda07
;code 1milbda08
;code 1milbda09
;code 1milbda10
;code 1milbda11
;code 1milbda12
;code 1milbda13
;code 1milbda14
;code 1milbda15
;code 1milbda16
;code 1milbda17
;code 1milbda18
;code 1milbda19
;code 1milbda20
;code 1milbda21
;code 1milbda22
;code 1milbda23
;code 1milbda24
;code 1milbda25
;code millionclan1
;code millionclan2
;code millionclan3
;code millionclan4
;code millionclan5
;code millionclan6
;code millionclan7
;code millionclan8
;code millionclan9
;code millionclan10
;code millionclan11
;code millionclan12
;code millionclan13
;code millionclan14
;code millionclan15
;code raceMilli1
;code raceMilli2
;code raceMilli3
;code raceMilli4
;code raceMilli5
;code raceMilli6
;code raceMilli7
;code raceMilli8
;code raceMilli9
;code raceMilli10
;code raceMilli1
;code raceMilli12
;code raceMilli13
;code raceMilli14
;code raceMilli15
;code statRst01
;code statRst02
;code statRst03 ;code statRst04
;code statRst04
;code statRst05
;code statRst06
;code statRst07
;code statRst08
;code statRst09
;code statRst10
;code 1millXPBOOSTER
;code bigxpboi
;code XPmillionaire
;code dr0pMILLI
;code bigdropboi
;code nichimilli
;code nichimilli2
;code nichimilli3
;code nichimilli4
;code nichimilli5
;code 031Breathe1
;code 031Breathe2
;code 031Breathe3
;code 031Breathe4
;code 031DemonRoll1
;code 031DemonRoll2
;code 031DemonRoll3
;code 031DemonRoll4
;code 031DemonRoll5
;code 031DemonRoll6
;code SuBreathe4
;code SuBreathe2
;code SuBreathe3
;code SuBreathe4
;code SuDemon1
;code SuDemon2
;code SuDemon3
;code SuDemon4
;code NRll1
;code NRll2
;code NRll3
;code NRll4
;code ClnR1 – clan reset
;code ClnR2 – clan reset
;code ClnR3 – clan reset
;code R4ceRoll1 – clan reset
;code R4ceRoll2 – race reset
;code R4ceRoll3 – race reset
;code droprateb00st
;code NichirinTweet
;code BreathingMAINTENANCE
;code TheBreathingRoll
;code TheBreathingRoll2
;code TheBreathingRoll3
;code ClanMAINTENANCE – clan reset
;code TheClanRoll – clan reset
;code TheClanRoll2 – clan reset
;code TheClanRoll3 – clan reset
;code TheDemonRoll
;code TheDemonRoll2
;code TheDemonRoll3
;code RaceMAINTENANCE – race reset
;code TheRaceRoll – race reset
;code TheRaceRoll2 – race reset
;code TheRaceRoll3 – race reset
;code TheStatReset! – stat reset!
;code ClanRoll021 – clan reset
;code Twitt3rN1chirin
;code NichirinRoll
;code NichirinRoll2
;code NichirinRoll3
;code 15minsheaven – experience boost by 15 minutes
;code 0.21RaceRoll – race reset
;code 0.21BreathingRoll
;code 0.21DemonRoll
;.code 0.21ClanRoll – reset clan
;code 115kLikesClan – clan reset
;code RuiClanRoll1 – clan reset
;code RuiClanRoll2 – clan reset
;code RuiClanRoll3 – clan reset
;code RuiClanRoll4 – clan reset
;code 115kLikesDemon
;code RuiDemonRoll1
;code RuiDemonRoll2
;code RuiDemonRoll3
;code RuiDemonRoll4
;code 115kLikesBreathing
;code RuiBreathingRoll1
;code RuiBreathingRoll2
;code RuiBreathingRoll3
;code RuiBreathingRoll4
;code 115kLikesRace – race reset
;code RuiRaceRoll1 – race reset
;code RuiRaceRoll2 – race reset
;code RuiRaceRoll3 – race reset
;code RuiRaceRoll4 – race reset
;code RuiStatRe

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