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Bug-Fix Update in CS2: Release Insights

Recently, a bug-fix update was rolled out in CS2. Let’s delve into the new tweaks this patch has brought to the players.

Map Updates

The maps Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage have received fresh updates. Each change is aimed at enhancing the gameplay and addressing found bugs.

Detailing Settings

The “Very High” option in the settings for model and texture detailing has been removed. It used to differ by texture filtering mode, but now that’s a separate setting. Consequently, “Very High” and “High” have become identical.

Minor Fixes

  • The finger position on the AWP sniper rifle has been corrected.
  • Various adjustments have been made to sticker designs.
  • The reticle outline rendering has been corrected for fractional values.

Technical Improvements

  • A problem that reduced the amount of XP when reconnecting to a match has been resolved.
  • The buy <item> command has been updated in line with the new purchasing system.

Visual and Gameplay Elements

Changes have been introduced in the muzzle flame display of automatic sniper rifles and glass shattering effects, making the gameplay more realistic.

Enhanced Interface

Now, sorting parameters are present in the secondary inventory selection panel for easier sticker application.

User Identification Correction

An error has been fixed where users from Germany were incorrectly identified as users from China.


Localization files have been updated to improve the translation quality of the game.

This rewrite helps players better understand the recent changes in CS2, making the gameplay even more engaging and comfortable.

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20 Juneee 2023 updated once again, adding and fixing some changes, you can read about them above. And you do not forget to follow the updates of the game on our site, as well as the game has: