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Review of Battlefield 2042 (Hazard Zone)

Yes, I’m not a fan of the series, but I was counting on it and was going to buy it. I, as I told you before, knew even before its release, EA pointed it out, poor communication, delay, late connection of new studios.

What exactly is it that I don’t like?

I know there are a lot of fans here who think it’s all haters, but really it’s not, here’s my list:

The graphics, they’re awesome, but the characters and vehicles themselves look kind of cartoonish.
Big and empty maps that are frankly boring
Bots, which are needed for what? First, they are frankly bad, and secondly, there are a lot of x’s.
Characters 1 meter, 40 centimeters, why are they so low?
Weapon assembly on the back burner.
Horrible shooting.
Terrible bugs, even for “Well it’s beta”.
A separate minus – Hazard Zone.

I’ll go a little further to explain what this was supposed to be. But the prospect of playing on any of the maps 8 teams of 4 people with bots, badly so. I predict that no one will play this mode. Can someone explain why this is a separate mode and not one of the types of multiplayer?

Portal is the only hope.

I’m sure it will be the most buggy, but so far all that’s appealing is this one.

Vanguard – nothing new.

For some reason all the defenders of 2042 always bring in the new Call of Duty. Well I’ll tell you this, besides the fact that they’re different games, if I could only buy one, I’d choose the one that still has the campaign, co-op, and battle royale on the side.

How was it supposed to be?

I’m probably a fantasist here, but from all the rumors it should have been:

They originally did Firestorm 2, then decided to do classic Battlefield after all, but the influence of Apex was so powerful that they decided to keep the specialists. Then they decided to release KB, but then again, KB is Arex, so here it is necessary to make a copy of Tarkov (a good and logical idea). But they didn’t make a separate map and trimmed everything down to collecting two hard drives and a war with bots.

What do we have?

Awfully weak multiplayer, with one clearly dead mode, which in addition is little different from the multiplayer. The other 2 need to dopilivat.

The main problem:

They don’t know what this game is, nicely remove the specialists, reduce the maps, throw out Hazard Zone polish and it will be fine.

I will not buy this game because:

Because I hate EA Games, they destroyed too many game series I loved: Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Battlefront, Command and Conquer, Sim City, Sims (I didn’t love, but still) Spore, MMA and that’s all I can remember without straining.

They destroyed Battlefield as well:

I’m glad to be wrong, but I think this is the last game in the series.

A year from now it will be a candy bar:

I’ll be playing Modern Warfare 2 in a year, a true next-gen shooter. Why even buy a game to play a year from now?

The only thing that could save the game:

A free service game, but they released a paid service game, so very unlikely. I mean, I think they will release it, but it will be too late.

I’ll keep breaking the news:

But there’s certainly little motivation given the drop in subscriptions, comments, and reposts after the beta. And honestly, I frankly don’t understand why anyone would buy this craft.