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Adler Hunt Guide in CoD: Warzone

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The Adler Hunt event is over!

On April 22, 2021, season 3 of the Warzone game kicked off. The new updated official map of Verdansk appeared almost on the same day, or rather night. Most players played through the revival to finally see Verdansk ’84.

As is usually the case with a new season launch some kind of unique event, this time it is the Adler Hunt, which has several tasks related to exploration and getting data in a certain amount of time.

There are a total of 6 unique tasks in the Hunt for Adler event, where three are done in Warzone, and three more are only done in Cold War online play. We’d like to note that the developers have given free access to Cold War to everyone for this period. For completing all of the quests in this category, you get a unique, legendary Adler skin.

Playing Warzone you will find special Adler Intel quests (Adler Data). When players take this quest it disappears from the map and does not appear again. The task works like a “marader,” but differs in that the end rewards are bigger and better.

All Hunt for Adler Reconnaissance Tasks
Complete the Intel contract for the farmland

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The main first mission point will take players to Farmland. The image on the Intel screen in the Hunt for Adler main menu item gives a little clue as to where you need to go, and it appears to be inside a small room with two rectangular windows at the top of The Room with a bookcase inside.

This building is located in the central area of the Farmlands region, which is closer to the north end. It is a unique new building that resembles a church. You need a room on the second floor.

This location provides information about where Adler is currently being held. Players can fly here in any Warzone game mode, and it should display correctly. There should be no Intelligence contracts in this area, they are removed on purpose so as not to interfere with the Hunt for Adler event.

Complete the Intel contract at the summit.

This is the highest point in Verdansk (former dam) where there is a new large building. The players’ task is to find the R306 numbers (outside of the building) just below the satellite dish.

Complete the Intel contract at the Factory

The assignment is at Factory Intel, it is a new building, we need a room that is above the construction of an airplane. The old ruined airport, where there are no working planes.

In this place we need to get an intelligence contract at the Factory.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War multiplayer missions

There are also a total of three missions for the Hunt for Adler event.

In Black Ops Cold War play and complete 7 games on Yamantau
In Black Ops Cold War, kill 25 enemies detected to you using a spy plane, HARP or field microphone.
In Black Ops Cold War, kill 25 enemies in a series of kills while you have the Assassin perk.

I would like to point out that Black Ops Cold War missions are easier to complete and count. For example, Warzone players complain that Adler missions don’t count. Sometimes they can not count kv, but there the question is whether you have the right equipment needed for the task.

Your task is to get the legendary Adler skin you need to complete all six missions. For Call of Duty: Warzone players who have problems waiting for contract spots to appear on the farm, you’ll have to wait for a fix. Unfortunately, you cannot mix and match tasks. You must complete them all for Warzone or for Black Ops Cold War to get the legendary Adler skin.

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